Friday, October 4, 2013

Good news for animals...and people who love them

I am aware that not all of my beauty products are cruelty free.  I'm not proud of it, but at this point in time it is what it is and I all I can do is be a more aware buyer in the future.  Good news is that things are getting better for the animals of the world...which may lead to more "leaping bunnies" on our products.  Even China  appears to be getting on board with stopping animal testing! 

While on the look out for the Leaping Bunny I've checked out these sites and hope you'll consider checking them out too:

Cheers to you, and a lovely weekend too!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

a little Chanel could be good for you

Day to day I keep my makeup pretty simple especially now that I'm not working in cosmetics. My office is small, laid back and pretty casual too, so I generally just wear some BB cream to even my skin tone, a little bronzer maybe, and mascara.  On days I want a little more for my eyes, or on evenings out I like to use Chanel's waterproof eyeliner.  I know that it's not recommended to use eyeliner in your water line, but if you do...I suggest Chanel.  It's pricey, yes...but it works. It goes on smoothly and stays where it's put.  Other liners fade from the waterline area, but that has not been my experience with this product.

I linked it to Chanel's site, but it's available at Nordstrom's and Macy's too. 

Cheers to you!~~tami

As always, I'd love to hear what you're thinking!

Friday, September 20, 2013

too lazy to laser at home!

Laser hair removal works, and can be expensive.  True story.  So I picked up the Remington IPL for at home laser removal.  Did I expect professional results? No, I can be realistic.  The thing is, when you have your handy dandy at home laser machine sitting daily in your bathroom you forget to use it...a lot.  The directions say to use it every two weeks, which I don't.  I tried to up my use to weekly thinking that it would be easier to stay on track (I know it's not what was directed, but hoped the results would be worth it).

So basically, I can not give an accurate review.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks I can get on track with it.  If I can start the habit, and see amazing results...I'll let you know.

Pros (so far):

  • Easy to use
  • I find it to be painless (as compared to professional laser hair removal)
Cons (so far):
  • The cord is kind of awkward (maybe more of a leftie prob), it just doesn't move the way my arm does
  • Sporadic use will not yield results (darn it...not the machine's fault though)
How do you keep smooth?  Have you tried any of the machines that are on the market (No No, Tria)?


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

good hair days

My hair is not my favorite thing...even on it's best days it's super fine, doesn't really hold a curl and is currently in the growing out phase of bangs.  So when another blogger shared her reviews of some bun helpers, I opted to give it a try.  I chose to try out the Bunette in Brunette from Sephora and it totally worked for me!  It's easy to use and definitely gave my fine hair a boost in the volume department (on my own, my hair in a bun is about the size of a super bouncy ball, one of the small ones).  I may add, that I've only used it once in the privacy of my own home though, because it does take some maneuvering to get it just right and I tend to hit the snooze button instead of getting out of bed and being any kind of productive.

I also put a trial size set from Bumble and Bumble, with their sea spray and shampoo and conditioner. I do like it, I feel like my hair has more volume after use...although it doesn't seem like something I could use every day. Bumble and Bumble does seem a bit out of my budget, as my hair budget is somewhat nonexistent.

How long does it take to have a good hair day?  Are expensive products worth it do you think?  What are your go to hair care products?

I'd love it if you'd take a moment to share!


Monday, September 9, 2013

nailing it this Fall

It's getting to be Fall (depending on where you live)...but Summer is still holding strong in Southern California.  It's 6:30pm and we're still in the mid 80s here.  I'm not complaining, I'd like to hit the beach a couple more times before the weather changes.  That being said though, my nails have found their color for Fall (a special thanks to my co-worker for letting me borrow her polish): Peace Love and OPI, by OPI (duh/lol).

This is what I'm wearing on my nails right this moment.  Very pretty, if peacocks wore nail polish this would be their signature color for sure. Why is that I don't post pics of my own nails?  1. I'm super lazy when it comes to taking pics.  2. My hand is not always so steady, so it would just look messy in a pic. 3. I have low self esteem when it comes to my cuticles.  ((Mostly number 1))

I've got to say as far as nail polishes go this one is pretty great.  It went on super easy, it didn't bubble up (which I have troubles with) and I love the's shiny not shimmery or glittery and changes colors at different angles.

It's from the San Francisco Collection from OPI for fall...and I think I will def hit this one up again when the temperature drops.  As much as I love love love summer I'll admit that I'm really getting ready for fall.  I didn't know how ready I was until I reviewed my "I should dress better" board on Pinterest.  Very fall ready that board.  I also added some Peace Love and OPI nail art ideas to my "nailed it" board...which I can totally take with me to this awesome girl at a local nail place (she does awesome nail art and loves pics with new ideas). I love Pinterest...and the people who thought of it.

What are you looking forward to for Fall?  Do you Pinterest?  I'd love to hear from you!


Friday, August 30, 2013

a visit to beauty school

I went to visit my friend in cosmetology school today and asked if I could look like this:
Realizing that I will never be Audrina Patridge...but thinking that my hair is similar in color and length that I may aspire to have hair like hers. 

For the bargain price of $5.00; I received a shampoo (and some magic conditioner to help my ends) a haircut and a blow dry. 

I remember when I was learning esthetics how hard it was working on each other day after day.  One can only receive so many facials, and get their eye brows waxed so many times in a week!  I had one friend who visited me regularly, and a couple that stopped by...but it's hard to get people in when you're still learning.  I can imagine it's even harder for cosmo students who are learning to cut hair.  It's worth it though to give your local cosmetology school a try, if nothing else for a shampoo and blow dry.  An inexpensive day of beauty and you're helping someone to learn their craft? Seems like a win win.

Have you ever visited a local school for a beauty treatment?  How was your experience?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

I have a blog? Surely you jest!!

It's not that I forgot that I have a blog...I know it's here sitting on the web, just waiting to be read by people all over the world (or hoping that I will come in an update any one of  the drafts that are twiddling their thumbs waiting to be posted).  You know how it is when life and whatnot get in the way...  It's not that my life is so terribly interesting, or even that my sched is packed full of mundane activities...I actually have no real excuses.  So instead here are my random reasons of why I have not posted anything in a while:

1. I discovered Breaking Bad.  I felt the need to watch every episode in order before they began airing the final season on AMC.  Breaking Bad has taken over parts of my life and has even become a screensaver at work (thank you Aaron Paul).

 2. July is a very busy month at work.  Well the second half is super duper busy.

3. I kept forgetting my ULTA coupons, which meant that I avoided going there in general.  Therefore, I had no recent beauty purchases to review.  I would however very much like to try out:

I think I like the brush too...but do I need another brush?  I also can't tell how it is to clean.  

4.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I should be working how I should go to the gym, or at the very least go for a walk...but then again it's been so hot (and HUMID) oi.  Today on my way home at 5 pm it was still 99 degrees!

5. I've had some priorities to attend to (aka: visiting the beach and going to the OC Fair's Damsels of Destruction Demolition Derby) is summer.

Seeing as the kiddos are back in school (in general, I myself do not own any) and also that Labor Day is just around the corner, I suppose that my summer vacation is almost over.  I will be posting again soon, so don't fret my dozen or so loyal readers! 

Hope that your summer's have been lovely!  


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

don't be gel-ous

Went to Laughlin a couple of weeks a treat before we left my boss gave me a gift certificate to get my nails done.  I went with the gel manicure, knowing that the last time I tried it, it was awful to remove.  My boss swears by the ladies at her nail spa though, so I thought I'd give it another shot.  

The girl was sweet, and did that little leopard print above with the steadiest hand I've ever seen.  Seriously, this girl could be a if she studied really hard and all.  I loved my fingers for the first week and a half.  No chips, everything was lovely.  Then one nail began to peel just a bit.  I fought the urge to pick at it, instead telling myself to go to the salon for them to remove all of it.  The urge became too much though...and I began to peel the color off one nail.  It was an eyesore, and I said to myself Saturday morning you will go to the nail salon and have the rest of the gel removed...but then my friend called and I went to the beach instead on Saturday.  Somewhere between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon I peeled off all the gel.  I know I shouldn't have.

My nails are a mess now.  I filed them and buffed them.  I cuticle oiled them.  I applied a clear coat of nail strengthener...time will tell.  As nice at it was to have no chips for over a week, I'm going to stick with the regular polish from now on.  

What's your preference for your nails?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stronger than yesterday

I had a second meeting with a trainer on Monday.  It's taken a while to coordinate schedules so it's been like a month since we've worked together.  I lasted a whopping 25ish out of shape!  She had me do a 10 minute warm up on a treadmill (incline 3.5 and speed between 3.5-4) then we did two full circuits of arms with a 25lb weight, "prisoner" squats, a little cardio thing she calls "mountain climbers", lunges and planks in 30 second spurts.  I called it quits after that, because the first time we worked out I couldn't walk without wincing for two days after and didn't want to overdo it again.  Oi vey.  I was sweating and could feel it in my muscles (my poor wimpy little muscles!).

I asked her to give me some other variations of workouts that I could do on my own, seeing as we don't always get our schedules together.  She set me up with some arm moves (she recommends free weights over weight machines toning).  She wants me to keep doing lunges and squats for my legs (ugh! but I get it).  Her breakdown for my workouts was this 10 minute warm up followed by arms, legs, abs, cardio in either reps of 10 or 30 seconds each. Three full circuits.

I love this girl.  She is so sweet, and she really listens to my questions and concerns.  She also works out right along side me only stopping to correct my form.  I know I'm only two sessions in, but I really feel like she will help me get some results I can see (and I know I can already feel them).

So, that's the beginning of me working to become a healthier individual...I'd love to hear thoughts you have on healthy living.  Tips, sites you visit, your workout plans, meal plans, or blogs you follow in this area...please, let me know!

Cheers to you and have a happy day!

Monday, May 27, 2013

my last Klutch Club box

This is the Klutch Club box that I received for May 2013...and I've since opted out of their service.  There is just too much that I have no use for.

The good parts of this box were: the Bic Soleil Bella razor (always nice to have a disposable razor for travelling), the Eclos daily HydraPrimer SPF 30 (I like to keep these sample size sunscreens in my purse as a little mini reminder about wearing sunscreen daily), the Kind nut bar (I usually pick them up at the store...but they're pretty tasty), and the disinfecting wipes from Clean Well (another little purse must have).

The "meh" parts were the Shea Terra Organics Black Soap (is for acne, which I don't really have), Enjoy Life Foods Seeds and Fruit (which also had chocolate in was all one melted together blob), and 100% Pure body cream samples (4 tiny packets, nothing special).

The "just not for me" parts included: a 16oz Omega-3 dietary supplement in Lemon Nectar with 3000mg of fish oil per serving (contains 45 servings...of which I have very little desire to try), Dream Water a zero calorie sleep and relaxation shot (I'm passing on the Snoozeberry drink), Nurse Noni's Hangover Sucks lozenges in Ginger, Raspberry and Lime flavors (your supposed to allow it to dissolve in mouth and swallow, but do not chew) just looks cheap and untrustworthy, it has not been evaluated by the FDA.  Lastly there was a AgroLabs Wheatgrass Boost another shot drink, there is a chance I might try it but not entirely likely.

They called it their Beach Body Ready box, but maybe I just don't get beach ready the way they do over at Klutch Club.  Womp womp.

Cheers and hope y'all had a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheers to Green Tea!

A while ago I read a book called "Feed Your Face" by Dr. Jessica Wu.  I like some of her thoughts, and ended up on her mailing list which overall I enjoy reading. This week she talks Green Tea, which has grown to be one of my favorite drinks anyway (me and most of the world apparently).  My most used kitchen appliance (especially in Summer) is the Iced Tea Maker.  I typically use 4 Green tea bags and sometimes 1 bag of my super favorites Disneyland's Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party Blend to make it just a little fruity.

Here's a little linky-loo to Dr. Wu and her view on Green Tea...


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

taking sides on pretty (organic vs. lab made)

It's a choice you make for yourself. All organic and natural sound great...but in my experience sometimes it's a little lacking in the results department. An ingredients list with words as long as my arm doesn't seem much better, and even though I own ingredient dictionaries it is a bit time consuming to look it all up.

At an International Dermal Institute (Dermalogica) class I was at they talked about how their products are made in the lab and how the only guinea pigs they use are their employees.  It was pointed out that when a product is created in the lab it can synthesize the ingredient from nature...but it will turn out the same every time which in turn would create consistent results.  To me, I think seeing and feeling results is a bigger issue than the ingredients list.

Also, I'm currently more concerned about whether or not a product was tested on animals.

What are your main concerns when picking out products?  Do you look for organic certifications? Do you look for the bunny?  Do you go by price? Let me know...I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers xoxo~~Tam

Sunday, May 5, 2013

coming soon to my mailbox

As I am a fan of beauty subscriptions (probably because I'm also on the lazy side and like others to pick things for me) I tried a new one whose focus is health/nutrition/'s called KLUTCHclub.  I should receive the May box soon and will then give y'all a little review of what's inside.  I'm going to let May be my decider box as last month I received a full size body wash that kind of leaked on to everything else (therefore making it hard to review the box as a whole).  Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again.  Stay tuned my friends.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

my week ahead...

Last week a girl I work with started with a trainer, and has been liking it and eating well...which is inspiring to me which is why I met with the trainer today.  She's upbeat and sweet but I feel like she will know how to challenge me, without making me want to punch her in the face (which is kind of how I felt about the last trainer I tried).  We talked at Starbucks over venti iced green teas (unsweetened). She is going to work out an eating plan for me, and she seems very knowledgeable.  My first training session will be Tuesday, and I'm looking forward to it.

Also this week will be pretty hectic for the first two days, but then after the quarter ends on Tuesday it will be smooth sailing for a couple of months. Yay!

Post Coachella most of the purple has washed out of my hair, and I'm thinking I'm going to head back towards it's natural shade...maybe with a couple of highlights to welcome the summer.

Hopefully when summer is in full effect I will be at a happy place with where my body's at. :)

Cheers to you out there and hope you all have a lovely week!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

best of intentions...worst follow throughs

Eat right
Drink lots of water
Exercise regularly

What is right?  I recently found out from my doctor that my cholesterol is high.  I had already spoken to her about my struggle with my weight.  I put on 20 pounds in the last year...basically I gained my dog.  Now I'm working to rid myself of some of the extra poundage and get back in shape...or more accurately I'm working on getting the motivation.  I struggle with the motivation, it's much easier to complain about the weight not disappearing like magic. 

Willpower (or shall I say, lack thereof) is my biggest enemy at this point in time. I can get through most of my day just fine and on track...but something snaps at night and I get all munchy...and it doesn't seem to matter on what (candy, toast, cereal, table leg).  Then there is the exercise, oh the exercise.  I want to get it in...I just don't want to do it...does that make sense to anyone out there?  Like I have every best intention then all of a sudden it's time for bed and I'm all like, oops! wait...I was supposed to work out today.  Then I set the alarm for early the next day so I can do it first thing, then when first thing comes...I hit snooze.

As we all begin another week, I wish all of you out there the best with whatever you may have going on...oh, and Happy Coachella (Weekend One!)!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

twilight is one thing...but vampire facials?

The other day I was watching some TMZ (as I do, you know to keep up on current events) and they showed a clip of Kim Kardashian getting a facial.  Not just your average run of the mill facial though, it was a blood facial.  It appeared to be intensely painful.  Basically, they take some blood from your arm whip it up to get the platelet-rich plasma then inject it back into your face.  For more info click this.  To me this is a bit extreme...I've heard the expression that beauty is pain, but this may be taking it too far.  I'm still on the fence about injecting botulism into wrinkles.  Thoughts?

And on another extreme note I also present to you the fire facials of China.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

tan fan

Judge me as you will...I like being tan.  I know to wear sunscreen, and not over do it in the sun.  I know that tanning beds are evil.  That being said though, I like how my skin looks when it has a tan.  So today I went to the tanning salon and got a spray tan.  (I'll be wearing some nude-beigey shoes tomorrow and I didn't want to be paler than the shoes).

As far as bronzers go, they all have a scent (although as far as scents go I do like the Hemp bronzer).  I worry about turning orange (or worse, being unevenly orange) with my at home pursuits of being tanned.

I went to one of those Mystic Tanning booths years ago...right before going to Hawaii.  Not thinking, I walked along the beach and up to my knees into the beautiful and warm (even at night) waters.  I walked back in to the lobby of my hotel and GASP! I was white from the knees down! Eek!! I scurried to the elevator and into my room and proceeded to try and scrub the rest of my tan off.  I didn't dare go through that again.

I opted to Yelp spray tans in my city, then called a shop in my area called Beach Bumz which got really good reviews.  The girl on the phone was super sweet and was able to fit me in within an hour.  She did a custom airbrush tan, which means I stood (topless...eep!) in front of her (she said that lots of people go nude, but for me I don't mind a bit of a tan line on me bum) then she sprayed a super fine mist over me.  The scent was super light and the spray itself was a natural formula. I've got to say she made me so comfortable, I didn't even worry about sucking in my tummy.   I've still got a few hours before I can shower, and am still a bit tacky...but overall I am super happy with the results.  (Knowing I have an event tomorrow afternoon, she even made sure to tell me to come back tomorrow morning if I need any areas touched up...I appreciate her looking out).  **mini update: I'm a little blotchy on my hands, but it'll be ok).

If this works out well, I may have found my tanning fix.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

fake up 'til you wake up (updated 3/25/13)

There are a couple of mornings a week that I have to wake up earlier than I'd like...and no matter how much sleep I've gotten the night before all I can see in the mirror are the dark circles under my eyes.  I stare bleary eyed at them, willing them to go away.  Then I go through this routine: Apply foundation...still there.  Apply concealer...still there. Wonder if perhaps I have the wrong shade of concealer, too late now must go to work, worry about it later. I've done this for a couple of weeks now, and today I chose to do something about it!

I wandered around trying swatches on my inner wrist,  but was unsuccessful as most were super light or dark...I wanted to check out Benefit's new "fake up" concealers and I was in luck because the girl at Benefit said "Can I help you?"  Yes, please.  So basically this concealer comes in one of the lipstick like tubes with concealer in the inner circle and a hydrating outer circle of Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract...(in the list of ingredients the E is about the 11th down and the Apple is maybe 5 below that).  Anyways, it's supposed to control creases and diffuse fine lines (here's hoping).  I tried it on in the medium shade and liked it.  **Tried it this morning, over my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand...quick and east coverage! It's a win.**

I also remembered my ULTA coupon (yay me) and since Benefit is excluded from the savings, I picked up a new gloss (Rimmel's Endless Summer) and Maybelline's Baby Lips (in Quench) just to try them out.  I'm really liking the Maybelline so far, it's got SPF 20 and a nice feel to it.

Endless Summer and Fake Up in Medium, next shot with the Fake Up blended

Tough to see I know, I apologize for the poor lighting...but hey, I'm trying to get more pics in!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

extreme couponing, not so much

I love getting my ULTA catalog in the mail...I'm sorry for the trees that are lost on it, but there is just something about flipping though it and know that my nearest ULTA is less than 2 miles away...then there is that handy dandy coupon that beckons "Come to our store, save $3.50" and hey, $3.50 is like lunch (at Taco Bell). 

Then there is the Extreme Couponing show on TLC and these people scour every possible source of coupons and go and get a life time supply of paper towels and a year supply of sports drinks FREE!  They fascinate me... mainly because:

I can't remember to bring a single coupon to the store and save $3.50!

Oi.  I get so excited when it comes and right now, when they're doing their 21 Days of Beauty with extra specials...I keep avoiding there store because I know I have a coupon sitting at home on my counter.  I'm sure I'll remember it...the day after it expires cause that is just how I do things.  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

the bodyholiday...I want to go there

I received an issue of Organic Spa magazine (even though I'm pretty sure my subscription has expired) and on the back cover there was an ad for the bodyholiday "Give us your body for a week and we'll give you back your mind." I was intrigued, not that I'm going cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs and need my mind retrieved or anything...but I have been looking into a spa type of vacation and this place (in Saint Lucia) appears to have everything.  Everything everything.

Activities from yoga and pilates to archery and scuba.  They have a wellness center with so many things to choose from it's almost overwhelming...they even have a piano bar (you can never go wrong with a piano bar!).  It's just so pretty too...and did I mention ALL inclusive, including a daily Spa treatment? 

Yes, please. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

the misadventures of violet ombre

Friday morning, got hair colored purple.  Sunday night, washed it then blow dried.   Monday morning, woke up with a purple neck!!

Why yes, that is my life.

Luckily (?) for me, I've accidentaly dyed my skin before and was able to remove a lot of the color.  Of course, I didn't have time this morning to remove it, so I still went to work with my hair as strategically placed as possible.

Ps: What began as Essie's Sand Tropez on my fingers is now a rather lovely shade of lavander!

(For tips on removing colored dye please see: the day I hair)

I made it through was your day?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's fun and little ol' skincare and nail haul

First things first, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  I do hope you got to wear some green, drink a beer (if that's your thing) and listen to some Flogging Molly.  I did all of the above and went to the mall today too. :)

While at the mall I took my friend to one of my favorite shops.  It's called Maneki Neko, and they've got all kinds of beauty products.  Masks, lashes, nail polish, and a pretty extensive NYX collection.  They are definitely aimed at a more Asian clientele (I can't read what's on 90% of the packaging).  I go mostly by the pictures, and have never been disappointed.  

Here's what I picked up today:

Nail Polish (because apparently you can never have enough?)
China Glaze in "Who's wearing what" and OPI in "I think in pink"

A pair of tweezers (remember you tweeze your hairs, and you pluck a esti teacher used to say that).  These were made in Japan by Koji Moni, I picked them up because they were very affordable and are narrower than my Tweezerman ones.  I'm hoping that will help get the teeny tiny hairs that are so darned hard to get to.

A pineapple lip balm by Shiseido...simply because Shiseido is generally out of my price range and I thought it would be a little treat to have.  My choices were either pear, berries, or pineapple *based soley on the package.

Lastly I picked up some masks.  I love ready made masks.  I put them on right before bed about once a week and just let them set til I'm about to roll over on my side.  I love waking up and feeling how soft my skin is.  The ones I chose today were: White C by Naisture, a Hyaluronic Acid and Apple Polyphenol by I'm not sure who because that is the only English on the packaging.  They're fun to try out and I've never had any problems with them and my skin. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

prettyfying goals for the upcoming week

This week in order help to stay pretty inside and out I will try to:

1. Wear sunscreen everyday (I always wear it on my face, but I need to remember my hands too).
2. Exercise for at least three hours (not in one day, but for the week). 
3. Not drink any soda...I've been cutting down for a while, but this week I'll stick to green tea (iced).

If by next Saturday morning, I've done all of the above I'm treating myself to something fun...maybe a facial. 

Do you have any goals for yourself this week?  Please share. :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

start wearing purple

Today I went to visit my hair dresser Lisa Marie at her new salon.  It's been a good year/year and a half since I've seen her, but I missed her. She was so super supportive of me letting my friend experiment on my hair too, which was cool and made me feel like less of a cheater. She is awesome, and just got done doing hair at LA's fashion week.  It sounded super fun.  You can check her out on Instagram, glamourbylisamarie...where she posts pics of her work.  I'm loving my new violet ombre!

What do you think?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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3/11/13 was a good day

Europe bans animal testing in cosmetics!

a couple of sites with more info:
uk vogue 
 It's a big important step, if you ask me.  How nice will it be when animal testing is over?  

Thursday, March 7, 2013


I recently found out that people have been unable to comment on my blog...(and here I thought I just wasn't interesting enough), but after fiddling around in the computer-sphere for a while I think I may have fixed the issue (whatever it may have been).  Keeping my fingers crossed (for good luck, not because I'm lying about having fixed the problem).

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bangs and Brows...or, your "brow-to" guide

I let my friend give me bangs, that friend in cosmetology school...I'm trusting. Something I've become aware of after the fact though is that you really have to stay on top of your eyebrows.  It's strange because when I have no bangs I can let things get scragly...but when the attention is right there EEP!

So, yeah, I'm not an amazing's the main reason I don't work for TMZ.
It all looked great in the bathroom mirror though!

I don't go to the salon for eyebrow waxing too much (last time I was red and bumpy for days) and while I like how quick threading is, the place I like to go isn't super convenient.

These are the tools I use to keep my brows ship shape:
I pick up the disposable mascara wands from Sally Beauty Supply.  I highly suggest the mini scissors from Cinema Secrets, kind of pricey but worth it when you use them regularly.  For thinner brows or when you have a little space to fill in, I prefer powder over pencil. 

Brow to

Brow to by tamorama featuring brow tools

How do you keep your brows tame?  What tools or products do you like?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

how I spent my weekend

Saturday I decided to add a little more pink to my hair...all by myself.  I went back to the lighter pink with just a couple of touch ups.  The more I look at it, the more I think I'd like to go with a little lilac (a la Kelly Osbourne). Seriously, I think she looks so good with the lavender that it probably should've been what she was born with.

Though for myself, I'm still caught up in the ombre trend:

That, and perhaps I'm a chicken...I watched an old Top Model the other day where they bleached a girl's hair while she tried to hold back tears...I'll just stick to the ends thank you very much.

I also opted to give myself a manicure..and added my own nail art.  Which leads me to the question, how do these girls do it when they can decorate both hands?  I'm a lefty and feel like my right hand comes out okay, but then I get over to the other side and it's like blahhh! I suppose it just takes practice but it makes me even more in awe of some of those true nail artists out there.  My work is over here on the left...I got the other image from google.

How artsy do you get with your fingers?  
Are you a mani DIY-er?

To finish up my weekend, I'm watching the Oscars (and rooting for Silver Linings Playbook), flipping through the latest People Style Watch and catching up on my reading (My Antonia).

How was your weekend? 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who do you wear makeup for?

The other day the Yahoo homepage had an article up regarding make up looks men love...curiosity got the best of me and I read the super lame yahoo article (and you can too if you like), but I will sum it up.

1. They like "au naturel" ...isn't that what most guys say?  I personally like the a natural look, but to me that means a little BB cream and some translucent powder to set it...and maybe a little mascara.  I feel like it evens out my skin tone and gives me the SPF that my skin needs.  I rarely go out without anything.

2. A "smoky eye", how vague is that? There are so many variations on the smoky eye look to even be sure what any one person means by that.

3. "Light eyes/light lips" one guy said he liked "light sparkly eye shadow" well, ok for this one I do get that Metallic shadows are on the way in.

4. "Rocker-Chic Eyes" In my opinion that would be one of the smoky eye variation I was speaking of before.

5. "Minimal Makeup" or what I would call a natural look.

6. "A bit of blush" another version of a natural look.

7. "Bold lip color" speaks for itself, okay.

8. "Subtle Glow" natural look and bronzer.

I don't know what guys they interviewed.  I don't know what the article hoped to accomplish.  I just know that when I put my makeup on in the morning I do it for me,  I want to like how I look when I walk out of the house.  If someone happens to compliment me so much the better but I'm not putting on my makeup to please these guys.

Do you care what others think of your makeup look?  What's your daily look? 

Monday, February 18, 2013

mini drug store haul

Whilst perusing the aisles at the drugstore I found a few little things that I apparently couldn't live without:

Garnier, Soothing Remover Cleansing Towlettes...cause sometimes I'm just really tired and washing my face just seems like too much work, so I keep them by my bedside..I figure it's better than nothing.  I picked up the ones for sensitive skin, I haven't tried Garnier's but I figured what the heck?

Pack of two powder puffs: I watched/read a tutorial about using powder puffs for putting on translucent powders instead of a brush.  Thought I'd give it a try.  To view The Beauty Department's tutorial click here.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 020 Light Medium:  Just because I haven't tried a new BB in a while and liked that this is called Photoready,  I know that sometimes the sunscreen in creams can kind of change how you look when flash is involved.

Revlon Foundation Brush, it was small and looked soft.  I don't always use a brush, but the one I do use sometimes really needed a replacement.

I didn't pick up any nail polish on this trip, which has become an increasingly bad habit of mine, mainly because I tend to pick up various shades of hot pink...all of which look similar when sitting next to each other.

Where do you like to shop for goodies?  Drug stores, department stores, Sephora, Ulta...all of the above??  Speaking of Ulta...I have a March ad to skim through, have a lovely day!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Coachella style guide

Thinking back to past years, it's really a fashion show of sorts as much as a music festival.  As much as I enjoy the people watching a lot of my thought process comes down to "how long did that take to put together this morning?", "how on earth is that person going to use the port-a-potty?" and "my goodness, how are they not melting?".   The pic to the right, has me asking all these questions at once...
As usual, dressing for comfort and climate is pretty key (for a lot of us, but not everybody...clearly).  Breathable fabrics, layerable items,  and a bag for your necessities are all biggies for me.

Here are some of the looks I found out there on the almighty internet, and my thoughts:

Floppy hat and sunglasses yes.  Tank, sure. Mini and boots? I wouldn't recommend it, there's a lot of sitting on the ground and those boots may not be the most comfy for getting from stage to stage.  She's cute enough but I just don't feel like this would be comfy for a day of wandering in the sun.

I feel like both of these work.  Long dresses make for easy places to sit.  Both ladies have their layers for when there's a nip in the air. They both have bags for things like phones, ID, cash and hand sanitizer!

Too much work...but she's a celeb, and I have a feeling that port-a-potties aren't an issue back in VIP.

Kate Bosworth though, she gets it.  

And then there's always the "REALLY?" group....
"Style is like herpes, you either have it or you don't." 
Joan Rivers

Saturday, February 9, 2013

coachella from the beer garden

I can hardly believe it's time to start prepping for Coachella...but the blogs are getting busy so I will to.  I read about "the 7 people who will be at Coachella this year" from Hello Giggles and suppose the writer hit on some main types, none of them were quite me.  I like to think of myself as more of a laid back beer garden viewer...not because I'm a big drinker, but because I like the view, the shade and the access to food and drink and that it's not crazy crowded...usually.

Last year we watched Snoop and the Tupac hologram from way way back in the beer garden.  No one was crowding us, we danced and cheered.  We had a good view of the stage and the big screens.  I have a feeling that's probably the best way to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers this year.  Other beer garden viewings have included Mumford and Sons and Coheed and's a good way to be if you don't need to be in the front of the stage (which I don't, that was what high school was for...and I don't miss pushing past a mosh pit either).

Coachella's lineup

A few of the acts I'd be happy to see for the first time are:
Social Distortion...even though I heard that they are jerks backstage
Aesop Rock
Modest Mouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Stone Roses...everyone seems to know them, apparently I'm missing out, I'll be adding them to my Pandora so that I get a little education
Tegan and Sara
Blur and New Order...even if I only know a few songs between the both of them

I've seen em before, but could check out again:
Dropkick Murphys
Franz Ferdinand
Vampire Weekend
Beach House
Violent Femmes...saw them at a county fair, I still only know a few songs but whatevs

Band's whose names entertain me (who I will also be adding to Pandora)
Unicorn Kid
Tokoyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Vintage Trouble
Thee Oh Sees

Anyone else headed to Coachella?
Who would you be excited to see?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

sharin the love with links!

This is Chiara Ferragani... and I kind of love her.   She's a blogger and Instagramer and I just think she is super pretty, in a very soft natural kind of way. Though sometimes she totally dresses up-up she's always...I don't know, approachable somehow.  She makes me want to dress better, she makes me want to accessorize.  She also has an adorable pup named Matilda.  I highly recommend checking her out!

These are The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders....and I kind of love them too.  I found myself caught up in the season of Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Making the Team and every time an episode ended, I found myself putting on my gym shoes.  They made me want to work out...not because I ever think I'll be doing the splits or any one of their routines..just because.  I also love how supportive they are of each other.  You would think that watching 50 or so really pretty women work together would be super catty and awful and in most cases you'd be right but not in the cheerleaders locker room or anywhere else. I even went so far as to buy one of their fitness DVDs, but it's still in the wrapper.

Also, San Diego Zoo's newest panda him so much. I watch the Panda Cam everyday!! It has been so cool to watch him grow...when he's asleep check out the penguins...they're always walking around like they're taking a sobriety test!

Coachella, and the line up, and having tickets, and an awesome place to stay with friends and a pool and a view, and the time off from work, and pie at the Wheel Inn on the way home! Totally worth the run on sentence, cause there was so much to love!

A few other random things I'm loving right now: the Candy Crush Saga game on FB,  Valentine's Day candy, my next paycheck, and that I've been fighting a sore throat for three days, but I think I won!!

Anything you'd like to share?  I'd love to hear from you!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burn!...but not the funny 70s show kind.

The other day as I was curling in my newly pink hair I did the unthinkable...I burned myself, right on my neck!  I haven't done this forever (last time it happened I got myself in the forehead).  Here is what I've learned in the healing process based off of what I read on the internet (keep in mind this worked for me, but is by no means medical advice):

  1. Cool it immediately (I used an eye mask that I had in the freezer wrapped in a dry wash cloth) for about 20 minutes or so, whatever you may have time for.
  2. I used Vitamin E oil and some Neosporin on the burned area.
  3. Before bed and in the morning I took a Vitamin E supplement.
  4. Throughout the day I carried a little Vitamin E and reapplied it as my burn felt dry (I read that it was important to keep the area moist).
  5. At night I use a mix of Vitamin E oil and Honey (I used what we had in the kitchen, but some suggestions were for more "fancy" honey) on gauze/band aids over the area.
This has all worked together to heal me up pretty fast.  It's still pretty pink, but all in all it seems to be working.

Hopefully I won't need to read my own advice regarding curling iron burns...but who knows?  

What beauty blunders have wreaked havoc on your life?

Sunday, January 20, 2013

aging happily...a evening out

Last night I met up with a friend for dinner and drinks.  We went for sushi, and were pleasantly surprised to grab a table and watched a line form shortly after we sat down.  After we headed to the Dresden to catch Marty and Elayne who come on at 9.  We got there just before and got a great table and ordered (blood and sand martinis, cause we're cool like that).  We joked about getting to the lounge so early, and figured it was still a little early for the 20-somethings to be out yet.  The place did fill in shortly after their set got started.  We enjoyed our two drinks and opted to take off and be generous with the good fortune of our table.

Our evening finished up before midnight, and I've got to say I am so good with that.  Gone are the days (nights) where we stay at the bar all night, no more "last calls".   I love going out for dinner and drinks, just having a nice evening with friends but I no longer feel the need to stay out.  Sometimes the whole "aging" thing isn't quite as bad as we're lead to believe...however, I will still keep up the fight against wrinkles.

Cheers, to good friends and good times with them.

Are you a party animal, home body, or somewhere in between? What is a good night for you?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

goin for!

I did it! (Or more accurately, my friend did it).   My hair is now partially pink, kind of a hot raspberry shade.  I'm so glad I have a job where this little hair stunt is not only acceptable, but encouraged!  My friend is a cosmetology student, and I'm glad to give her a chance to practice on me...which I probably wouldn't have always done...especially after being in cosmetology school and hearing the horror stories.  But, I love my friend and trust her.  Next up: BANGS!

We used a hair bleach first, then Manic Panic in Hot Hot Pink for this...I originally went with Cotton Candy Pink, but it was too light to show up in my hair.

What's the craziest thing you've done with your hair, or would like to do?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Etsy, for your bath and body needs (and wants)

I love Etsy.  I could get lost in the "shops", it's just so much fun to browse.  I pick up a lot of gifts and jewelry on there...occasionally some baking supplies.  This will be my first foray into the bath and beauty department though.  I was inspired by other bloggers out there who took a chance on some of the shops featuring nail polish and make up.  Currently though, I feel pretty well stocked up in those areas of my life.  What I needed was some new shaving cream, and some body scrub.  On a whim, I picked out a lip smoothie (it was Creme Brulee scented).

I ordered from layla, or Flowering Tree Botanicals which is a mother daughter duo that does not test on animals (always a yay).

Yum! it all smelled so amazing when I got the box, I wanted to use everything at once!

This is what I ordered:

Kyoto - Whipped Body Soap and Shaving Cream - 8 ounce for $5.50 (there was a sale) This makes me want to shave my many shave creams can you say that about?  A little goes a long way and works into a foamy lather, which is nice.  I had been using Lush's Prince shaving product, but it's kind of oily and kind of gums up the razor in a couple of passes.  This one rinses clean too... if I had one complaint, because it's like soap it leaves me a little dry afterward...but that could also be something with this wintery weather too.  

Creme Brulee Lip Smoothie for $3.00 goes on super soft and creamy.  

Coconut Hibiscus Luxury Bath Crystals for $5.00 Sprinkled a little in the bottom in the shower, and my feet feel soft. 

Bird of Paradise soap....sample size. Wash your hands then walk around sniffing your hands, which could be weird out in public, but around the house it's cool. 

Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely be checking out Etsy again (duh, it's Etsy). :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Dressed with the Best Dress (aka what Lucy Liu wore)

I loved Lucy Liu's dress so much I wanted to show it   Here are my four of my favorites...and one of my least favorites.

Not big into awards shows in general, but if I worked on Fashion Police I would totally show some love to Lucy Liu and her dress at the Golden Globes (and if I ever needed a fancy dress...I'd so steal this look!)

I love love love both of these ladies, so happy that Jennifer Lawrence won for Silver Linings Playbook...great movie! As for Zooey, she's just never not adorable.

I still watch My So-Called Life when it's on TV.  Can't believe this is Angela Chase pretty and put together.  I've only watched a couple of episodes of Homeland, but Claire Danes will always have a place in my heart.

Gotta love a cute little black and white number, I do! Yay for Fey!

Um, sorry Jessica Chastain, better luck at the next and learn?