Sunday, April 7, 2013

best of intentions...worst follow throughs

Eat right
Drink lots of water
Exercise regularly

What is right?  I recently found out from my doctor that my cholesterol is high.  I had already spoken to her about my struggle with my weight.  I put on 20 pounds in the last year...basically I gained my dog.  Now I'm working to rid myself of some of the extra poundage and get back in shape...or more accurately I'm working on getting the motivation.  I struggle with the motivation, it's much easier to complain about the weight not disappearing like magic. 

Willpower (or shall I say, lack thereof) is my biggest enemy at this point in time. I can get through most of my day just fine and on track...but something snaps at night and I get all munchy...and it doesn't seem to matter on what (candy, toast, cereal, table leg).  Then there is the exercise, oh the exercise.  I want to get it in...I just don't want to do it...does that make sense to anyone out there?  Like I have every best intention then all of a sudden it's time for bed and I'm all like, oops! wait...I was supposed to work out today.  Then I set the alarm for early the next day so I can do it first thing, then when first thing comes...I hit snooze.

As we all begin another week, I wish all of you out there the best with whatever you may have going on...oh, and Happy Coachella (Weekend One!)!!!

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