Friday, December 28, 2012

Dark edition palette

I'm a Johnny Depp fan through and through.  Dark Shadows was an ok movie...glad I saw it, but not an all time fave.  (I did catch some of the tv show from the 90s on the syfy channel at like 4am though, and found myself pretty caught up in it I'll probably give the movie another chance once makes it's way to cable.

NYX produced a palette for the movie and I know some people were lucky enough to receive it in some beauty subscriptions.  Once I saw the pics that were posted I was so envious that I tried to purchase it online.  I couldn't find it anywhere (at least not at a reasonable price).  Then a couple months back I happened through the mall and wandered into a new shop that has the most random beauty selection!  They've got a whole section of false eyelashes, a great nail selection and masks make up and skin care all for great prices.  They are geared to an Asian clientele, but are super friendly and helpful when I can't figure out what something is.  The best part is they had the Dark Shadows palette, and it was under suggested retail. 

I brought it home, and love it.  It's become my daily go to.  There are matte shadows and shimmers.  Pretty grays and coppers.  It also came with a shadow primer which works wonderfully.  I haven't tried the eye liner it came with, or too much of the blush and bronzers...but really I got it for the shadow selection.  NYX did not disappoint...and I will definitely be checking them out again in the future!  Ps: the glosses are pretty nifty too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what I gave and got

For work we did the "Secret Santa" thing and I got a cozy little throw blanket and a Starbucks card, for my gift I picked up a little set Lush...unfortunately it went to the only male in our office...who opted to pass it on to his brother's girlfriend (I hope she liked it, I loved the scent of the soap and body wash and liked the idea of the scrub).  I thought it might go over better in a female centric office but perhaps next year I'll go for champagne or movie tickets. Oh well live and learn.    I think the simple fact that I'm planning on what I might do next year at the office party is a good sign, I really do enjoy my new job.

My mom got me the Sexy Little Stowaways set from Benefit, okay so I chose it but whatevs.  Minis of faves and new things to try! I like the Stay Don't Stray primer, Bad Gal Lash is always a good choice, and I've been using the It's Potent eye cream. Tried out the "Pore fessional" and Hoola (bronzer) this morning and got to say I'm a fan.  I realized just how much Benefit I've been using lately too, love their products and their cheeky packaging too.

I got my mom the Remington iLight Pro, an at home laser dealy.  We'll see how it goes.  There were super mixed reviews with this and the No-no (which was what she was originally looking at) and also the Tria.  This one seemed to have the most affordable replacement parts. 

How was your Christmas?  Best of, worst of?  Always love to hear from you!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry merry!

Happy and Merry!

Cheers to you and yours, have a lovely day.

love, tam

Saturday, December 22, 2012

my non new year's resolutions

I think we can all pretty much agree that all our vows to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and volunteer our time to charity are all noble goals...that we don't really end up keeping.  Yet each year we feel like we get a bit of a do-over. This year though, I'm just going to get a jump start on the new year and instead of resolving to be the best version of me, I'm just going to put some intentions out there and hope for the best.. No start dates (certainly not January first), and no deadlines... Here we go:

not quite...heehee
I'm going to find a way to remotivate myself to exercise.  A long time ago it was easy for me to pop over to the gym on my way home from work, but it's been a while since I've been exercising on regular basis.  I've got a meeting with a personal trainer next week (day after Christmas) to try and help with the matter.  Other than that my upcoming plans to get moving are to try a trampoline class...they've just opened a Sky Zone in my area and I saw a clip of their aerobics class (SkyRobics) and it looked like fun. 

I'd also like to give some horseback riding a try...I've only been a couple of times, but I love it.

To bring out my inner Katniss I'll also give archery a shot over withPasadena Roving Archers, I've got some friends that will check that out with me.

I'm not going to stress too much over food.  I try to be healthy, but have my lapses (especially right now with all the baked goodies and candies around).  So yeah, that will get back to normal-ish after a bit.

A little goat friend from The Gentle Barn, how could you not wanna help out this guy?

As for making the world a better place I will continue to donate to places like The Gentle Barn, and my local humane society (where I picked up my charming lil' monster Mitch).  The Beauty Bus Foundation is something I'd like to be involved with.

I'd like to become a better planner.  I want to get together with friends and plan outings and such.  There are things I like to do, but I generally just wait for someone else to make the plans. 

I'm going to continue with my continuing education...I like classes and school, who knew?  I've decided I'd like to take an online class about Effective Selling, because sales looks like it is to be a part of my life...I'm also looking into classes about computers, because I'd like to be more computer savvy.  Skin care and make up classes are still on my to-do list.  And a cooking class or two...too!

New Year's Resolutions haven't worked for me, have they worked for you?  What's on you to-do/to-try/or to-consider list? 


Monday, December 17, 2012

nice enough to buy it twice

While I totally enjoy trying out beauty and skin care products (and find a certain joy in merely being in the cosmetics section of department and drug stores), there are some items that I like enough to buy twice (or more).

nice enough to buy it twice

I've been a fan of the Clinique BB cream for a while now, and that doesn't appear to being to stopping anytime soon...I've also had a love of mascaras for a long let me get to some of my new favorites:

Benefit's Ultra Radiance: a super refreshing spritzy toner.  I began using this over the summer when my skin just needed a little wake up call durning the day. Now that the weather is colder, I've been using it prior to my serums.  Such a light fragrance (kind of cucumbery).  

Cherimoya Nail Polish Remover Pads with Cuticle Oil: I picked one of these up at random for 99 cents at a clothing shop.  One little pad removes the nail polish from all ten fingers!  It's not harsh like acetone removers, there is not much of a scent and while your fingers might feel a little oily I'd take that any day over the sting of regular removers.  Added bonus, no spills.  I went back to the shop and bought a couple more, what a bargain.

Pond's Cold Cream:  I know that there are some mixed views regarding cold cream, but I like it.  When I've got some real make up removal to take care of, I dampen my face rub a little cold cream on and then take my face cloth and wipe off. Voila, no make up and my skin feels soft.  If it's feeling a little to oily, I wipe with a cotton ball of toner.

Tarte Bronzer and Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation: A couple of my favorite powders.  Park Ave. Princess bronzer gives a nice summer-year-round type of glow...then a quick dusting of Bare Escentuals (I use golden medium) and I feel good to go. 

Puritan's Pride Retinol Cream: I use it as a night cream, every other night or so.  It's a good price, and I love waking up with my skin feeling all glowy.

What are some products that you like enough to purchase again?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

a little Betsey Johnson love

There is something in Betsey that I will always love.  I remeber watching a fashion show of hers once, and she used Playboy Bunnies as models because they were curvier than the typical runway models.  They all had a lot of bounce and jiggle in their step and big smiles on their faces...then Betsey came out and finished the show by doing a cartwheel on stage.

She is all about fun and pink and hearts and bows. These are things I will never outgrow.  Some of her stuff is a bit outrageous for the day to day of running errands, going to work and stopping for coffee...but it's always super ultra mega girly.  I tend to stick with her picking up her jewelry.  I've got a pink leopard heart necklace and a little owl ring that I always get compliments on.  I also picked up her Sephora by OPI nail stickers with cherries/lightning bolts/bows.  These are currently one of my favorite things because it makes me and my fingers happy. (Sadly, these appear to have been discontinued).  Currently I'm wearing OPI's "La Paz-itively Hot" with some cherry and lightning bolt accents.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

gettin a gifty at Clinique

It's that time again, gift with purchase at Clinique (for Macy's anyway, Nordstrom will have theirs next month).  I picked up their Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk to get my gift.  It's soft and well...milky and really does help break down the makeup particles on your face. I use it before additional cleanser and still like to use my Clairsonic too.  I love feeling all soft and clean after washing my face!

The gift was pretty much what it always is, but this time they are offering options for oily skin too.  Generally they just give out their best selling Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, this time they also offer the gel version.  As usual, they are also giving out a mini High Impact mascara (which is really nice for a natural but better look), and you'll get their eye makeup remover too.  You still get the little color palette (eye shadow and blush) and a lip color.  This time for the lips they're letting you try out their Almost Lipstick, which is kind of cool cause it looks a little different on everyone. I really liked the little mini bag too...not like I have too many already but whatever, this one will find it's uses too!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

art as makeup/make up as art

I'm a fan of Andy Warhol, his art and his very quotable quotes.  I'm also a fan of Nars cosmetics, although generally it's a little more than I want to spend.  Combine the two and suddenly I'm smitten. I present to you the Andy Warhol collection from Nars brought to you by Sephora:
So awesome, I don't think I could actually bring myself to use it. It would just be a little piece of art just for me.

This though, I checked out at Sephora. The colors are nice and the can is totally useable.  It makes me smile, so much so that even the girl at Sephora mentioned to me that I seemed happy.

They've got additional eye shadow palettes and another set as well, but these are my two favorites from the collection.  :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

the day I hair

I know that I've tried to title all my post with the word "pretty"...but it was tough to keep coming up with if something clever strikes me, I might use it...but for now let me just take a minute to talk about my little in home hair experience.

I've had my hair colored by professionals mainly. I've gotten color, done the highlights, and the lowlights.  At home left to my own devices I generally just stuck to giving my hair the occasional clear gloss.  Yesterday I was at Target, and Garnier Nutrisse hair color was a dollar off, so as with all trips to Target I went in for one thing...and came out with a bunch of random things.

I picked out Garnier Nutrisse's Medium Natural Brown 50 (or "Truffle").  This morning I got up slipped on the gloves, mixed it up and 25 minutes later...voila!  I like the way it turned out overall. Just a few shades darker than the color I started with, which is what I was going for.  Ever since I dyed it red forever ago I can almost always see some reddish tints in my hair...but this appears to cover super evenly.

I did have one tiny little mishap though...I didn't feel a little length of hair that was pressed against my jawline.  When I put all of my hair up to wait for the timer I missed these few little strands and so they stayed on my lower cheek for the entire time with hair dye on my face! As quick as I could I googled how to remove the stain.  Wouldn't you know that everyone told me the best way to avoid a stain is to prevent them from happening in the first place!! Well duh...but clearly, if I'm googling "how to remove hair dye from face" it's a little late for the preventative measures.

I had already tried the various home remedies (oil based makeup remover, scrub, exfoliate with brush, etc...).  So it was suggested to go to my local beauty supply (I generally go to Sally's) to pick up a hair color stain remover.  What's nice about these is that they actually sell individual packets for these little minor mishaps.  I tried two different brands. Both had the same instructions (leave on the stain for 30 seconds, then rinse with water).
Tried this one first, worked pretty well.
It faded the stain  almost  completely.  

Used this one to remove the mostly faded stain.
I didn't really like how it smelled, but it doesn't stay on long.

There you go, that was my adventure into hair color at home...don't know why I have to make things so difficult sometimes. 

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Online dating made me feel pretty (for like a minute)

Meet Singles in your Area!!

One night a couple of months back the little "Single" message popped up, and I decided on a whim to go ahead and make a profile and see who was out there...and I'll admit, it was a nice little ego boost at first.

I posted a couple of pics (one even without a stitch of makeup) and was pretty honest in my about me section.  The gentlemen seemed to appreciate it.  I got messages telling me that I was beautiful, hot, cute, funny...all kinds of things that are nice to hear/read about yourself.  It felt good, and I proceeded to chat with a few prospects.  This is where I found out that perhaps the online dating scene was not for me.

Bossy&Clueless: We went for a drink at a local Chili's...he admired my nails and said "I like when girls paint their should paint them red." (I don't even own a red polish).  Shortly after we met, I lost my job.  A day later he asked me out, if I didn't have to work that day.  Dude! Pay attention, I just got fired!  These things plus the fact that I almost fell out of my chair scooting away from him on our date were clear indicators that he was not the man for me.

TheVanishingAct: We chatted online, we exchanged numbers, we texted and then one day he was gone.  Was it something I said? I reviewed my notes, I couldn't figure it out.  Then almost three weeks later, he sends me a very sincere apology, so we began talking again.  Three days later he's pulled the missing person act again. No thank you sir.

SplitPersonality:  Sweet and attentive. It felt like we were really getting to know each other.  We talked about jobs, friends, family and all sorts of other things. We even set up a date.  We became facebook friends...and as I perused his facebook I began to wonder if this was the same guy.  The pics matched, but his facebook was filled with pics of hot, mostly naked, tatted up women... most of which he referred to as "my future wife".  The Saturday before our date he too became a missing person and I haven't heard from him since.  

BlahBlahBlah:  We've run out of things to chat about, actually we ran out of things to talk about a week ago but he continues to text me daily.  Yesterday I decided to ignore his text, I just didn't have anything to say.  Later that day he called me out on ignoring him. Come on guy, let's face it...we don't click.  There's nothing there to fight for, or fight over.  Oi!

 I think I will take my chances elsewhere.

Do you know anyone that online dating worked for?  Have you ever tried it?  Where does one meet new people?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

pretty booked up (my book pile)

Someone suggested that I start reading the Game of Thrones series, and offered to let me borrow their set...then I looked around and realized that my current TBR (to be read) pile is growing at an alarming rate...

Right now I'm reading:

"On Hitler's Mountain", by Irmgard A. Hunt.

A little German girl growing up during World War II.  As a small child she really only knows about war and nazis from what she hears from the adults around her.  It' an interesting perspective.

"The Skinny", by Melissa Clark and Robin Aronson

Basically, a diet book that talks about how to eat instead of what.  Rather than telling you how much kale and tofu to eat, it talks about eating what you want (in moderation of course).

 "How to Master the Art of Selling", by Tom Hopkins

I understand that selling and retail will most likely be a large part of my       occupation (once I find a job again).  So in an effort to be a better salesperson, I picked this up.

It's pretty much just what it says. I'm still not quite sure what I think about it.

"Hope in a Jar, The Making of America's Beauty Culture" by Kathy Peiss

Another beauty history book, this has a focus on products and how makeup went from being forbidden (only daring women and prostitutes dared to wear in public) to being something we can use everyday.

Have you read anything interesting lately? What's next on your list?

Monday, June 18, 2012

getting pretty seen on TV

So after my recent struggle with my pants, and with the super evil "bodyshapers"...I opted to to try "The Belly Burner" (as seen on TV!!) Now, admittedly I seem to somehow have missed their infomercials in between all the ones for Insanity and the Brazilian Butt Lift.  I went online and Googled "weight loss belt" this one had decent reviews and I had a 20% off coupon for Bed, Bath & there you go.

Oh my! The good ole days.
I've been to the gym twice with it on now (as discreetly as possible beneath my top).  It does really seem to heat up the area around my belly.  I can feel the sweat starting to form as I hit about 7 minutes on the elliptical.  It for sure heats up my core temperature (or feels like it anyway).  There doesn't appear to offer too much info on how it works, just basically that "The special Neoprene cell fabric creates a sauna around your mid-section, melting inches off your waist." (From The Belly Burner box).  I assume that I'm just losing water weight...but I'm at the point where an inch is an inch (not that I've measured inches, I'm just hoping my pants will fit better soon).  My two trips were a little spread out (a Friday and Monday), I'm going to give it a little more time.  It doesn't bother me to wear it to the gym; however there were several reviews on Amazon saying that the belt stained their gym shirts (I just wear dark shirts with it anyway because it would show through a light shirt and I'm self conscious about that).

My heart goes out to anyone out there fighting with their pants!! (My pants are so not invited to the pants party!) heehee ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

not a pretty sight (or my dressing room ordeal with spanx)

Around mid-April I began noticing that my pants were fitting a little more forward to now where my "just in case the weight comes back" jeans don't fit.  I refuse to buy new jeans.

I've been hitting the gym at a pretty frequent rate for the last couple of weeks.  I've upped my veggie/fruit intake. I've cut out soda. I'm not adding salt. I'm watching my portion size. I decided to go to Spanx or other such brand for help (it's not like I'm in any position to be picky).

I went to Target, because I figured there's no one lurking around wanting to help me...(cause let's be honest no one really wants to help someone look for tummy hiding undies).  I opted for two types, an undie that offered superior support and a camisole that boasted it's "tummy tucking" skills.  I reached the dressing room with five of the items in assorted sizes.  Then it began.  I wiggled, and jumped and who knows what else to get myself squeezed in.  The underwear style worked at getting my jeans to fit, I'll give them that.  So I put my top on over to see the overall look.  Below my bra area and above the (crazy high) panty line was all the jiggle that was missing from my tummy. That was not going to work. I moved on to the camisole, which may have worked, had I been able to somehow get it on...but it just kind stuck around my shoulders.

I went back to the body shaper section. I grabbed two pairs of those super long shorts, that cover from below your bra to over your thighs. Getting into them was still not pretty, but I made it.  I tried the overall look again...well hello back fat, I don't believe we've met...I sighed.  I didn't sit down to ponder (I had images of splitting the seams and having to run from Target never to return again).

After working myself out of the tummy/thigh control shorts fiasco, I quietly put my items on the "no thank you" rack and handed over my number card thingy without making any more eye contact than necessary and fled the store.

Hello sweatpants, I'm home.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

pretty delightful Lush haul

I'm such a an easy sell.  Really, tell me how lovely something me how soft something feels and if it smells nice to boot, I'm in.  Which is why at the end of my interview at Lush when my interviewer said "Hey, walk around the shop, check things out, get to know what we've got" (or something similar) I ended up with a couple of items and some samples.  I could so work there, everything I tried felt and smelled soooo nice.

I only got a couple of things that I actually needed (I have some willpower...not a lot but oh well).

1. No Drought, Dry Shampoo: Citrusy, but not heavy.  It actually is a powder (unlike other dry shampoos that spray onto your hair).  It's first three ingredients are cornflour, magnesium carbonate and talc. So, we've got flour, a salt/chalk like substance, and a powder all of which are going to help absorb oils and dampness (as I like to use this kind of thing after the gym). I like that you can just shake a little into your palm and rub it in, and it didn't leave a powder residue.  I've read other tips that say you can use baby powder to remove oils, but that always felt like it left my hair feeling like a powder wig...and seeing as I'm not one of our founding fathers, it's a look I avoid.

2. Prince, Shaving Cream: Shaving cream that is an actual cream, I've been using light lotion consistency stuff forever. This comes in a tub (and the sales guy assured me that it lasts a long time).  Again, it has a lovely light scent and it's great for both the scruffy gents (who it appears to be marketed for) and the ladies (I was told this was a staff fave).  For best results they recommend letting it set for a minute or two on your damp skin, which will help to lift up the hairs a little for a closer shave). Haven't tried it yet, but I'm actually excited to get to shave my legs which is a completely new feeling for me. (The key ingredients for this shave creams are cocoa butter, linseed oil, witch hazel and orange blossom.)

It was recommended to me to try their Ro's Argan Body Conditioner after shaving to really help lock in moisture.  My mom tried this little sample out on her arms and fell in love instantly because it really improved the look of her arms.  Main ingredients: argan oil, shea butter, and rose absolute (pretty sure that's for fragrance) and lemon peel.

They also threw in a sample of their Ocean Salt scrub, which smells super refreshing.  It can be used for the face or the body, and is supposed to be good for all skin types too.  Main ingredients being: sodium chloride (duh, salt) ;0), grapefruit extract, lime extract, and vodka.

So, all in all I do hope my interview went well, but if it didn't at least I got some good stuff out of it.  (Really keeping my fingers crossed that it went well though). :0)

How important is scent in your product purchase? Do you have any great Lush experiences?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my pretty wishlist (summer edition)

my summer wishlist

my summer wishlist by tamorama featuring lucky lou shoes

Oh Summer, how I've missed you.  This is my most wonderful time of the year! What I'd really like this summer is to spend some time by a pool, with a pina colada by my side.  I'd also really like to get back into shape...and I've got plenty of time on my hands right now, so I've got no excuses!(That is also where the yoga comes in a bit).  I'd love to go for a ride on my beach cruiser down by the ocean (I know it's not pictured, I just thought of it).  And those shoes! I've wanted a pair of Lucky Lou's forever, and they seem like a perfect summer shoe (that I could wear all year).  The palm namesake, and hopefully the tattoo that I'll get....eventually, if not this summer, then you know sometime else. haha, I'm such a chicken!

What's on your wishlist for summer? Things to do? Places to go?

Monday, June 4, 2012

pretty lush and kind of envious?

Here I go into the job hunting phase...

A friend brought up to me that I should apply at Lush (which just so happens to be opening up at my mall this summer).  I looked into it, and while it's not a lot of skincare, I really like the company itself. I do love how their shops smell too.  It could be pretty fun.  I think I'm definitely going to apply, I just had a little trouble with their website.

There is also a Massage Envy opening near me at the end of the month.  I feel more confident about applying with them now that I've taken my three day class at IDI.  So, there's that too. Also they use Murad products there, which I used in school and I like.

I have a appointment call with unemployment coming up later this week. I never thought that would be me.  I'm still not quite sure how it works.  I hope I can pick up a job quickly (and that it's something that I like, and a place that is comfortable).

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

pretty hairy situation

Under your arms, on your legs, the dreaded upper lip and where to begin with the bikini area...HAIR!  It all seems to grow so much faster that the top of your head (I mean really how much longer can it take to grow out a lousy hair cut and yet our legs are stubbly by the end of the day).

So, what can you do?

Well the options are almost endless, we've got shaving, waxing, sugaring, lasers, threading, and depilatories...just to name a few.

Shaving...we'll I'd say were all pretty familiar with let's move on.

Waxing. Ouch. It's okay for the legs when we've got everything growing in one direction for the most part.  Doing it yourself can be a bit tricky (for me it's the back of legs and under my left arm that I can just never get right).  If I'm going to wax, I like to use Brazilian Blue Hard Wax (for professional use, but there is a list on the site of spas that use it).

Sugaring.  I thought I'd love this, it gets promoted by how natural it is.  Plus you move with the hairs not against it, so you're supposed to not get ingrowns....yeah, um tell that to my ingrowns (yuck).  There are plenty of how to's on youtube, but the hardest part is keeping the sugar at the right temperature.  It warms with your skin, and if it's too warm or too cool it just doesn't work right.  Still, visiting a pro seems the way to go.  I go to the Wild Earth Spa in La Verne.  They usually have some pretty good specials around swim suit season. I've gotten my bikini area done, as well as my underarms and lower legs.

Laser. Yes! I was super in love with the place I was going, but they've been out of commission for a couple of months now (which at this point means I'll pretty much be starting from scratch if I go back).  If you're looking for a place to try, see if you can find a place that charges by the time that your there (example: 15 minutes, 30 minutes) rather than by the area (example: legs, underarms).  If you go by the time, they can just move from one spot to the next. It just makes sense, and I don't know why more places haven't figured it out. I would love love love to go to school and learn how to do this, but I live in California, where you need to have a nursing degree to do laser.  **Which, if I may go off on a bit of a tangent, is absolutely crazy that you need more schooling to take off a tattoo than you do to put one on!** I've used the laser for my upper lip/chin (just a few strays that grow in a little darker), my underarms (anything that grows back has been super fine), bikini area, and lower leg/toes. 

Threading is fine, but I think it's better for smaller areas like your brows and maybe your lip (if you don't break out...which I do. My upper lip hates to be messed with, laser was really the only thing that didn't upset my lip).  When I've given up on tweezing my brows I take them to a lovely woman in Diamond Bar at Shear Artistry.

Depilatories: (you know the stinky stuff by like Nair and Veet) I think it's a little smelly, no matter what they do to improve it. Plus, I don't really know that it works...I try it every few years or so to see if it's improved. I'm never thrilled though.

What do you do to get rid of your hairy situations?  Do you have a preferred method? What places do you frequent?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pretty and polished (Coral/Orange edition)

Looking around the cosmetics department I'm seeing a lot of Orange/Corals.  While I enjoy trying out the new shades, it can get pretty expensive in a department store.  What I prefer to do to save some cash, is try a few different shades out at the counters then head over to a beauty supply or drug store to get colors as close as possible.  Sometimes you can get an almost exact match.

For example: Chanel's Orange Fizz and China Glaze's Peachy Keen and Lancome's Tangerine Tint (Lancome's is a bit darker in this, but you see what I mean...You really don't have to spend $20+ on polish)

Right now, I'm really enjoying the crackle coats too. I've been using a gold crackle coat by China Glaze.  I'm hearing some great things in other blogs about Wet n Wild too (but sometime the color selection is lacking from the stores, so I haven't a lot to add there).

What colors are you loving on your fingers and toes right now?  

Monday, May 28, 2012

pretty nice picnic with Sabrina

The Hollywood Forever Cemetery began it's summer season of hosting films on Saturday.  It's the first time I've ever attended but it won't be the last...

Arriving before sunset we set up our little picnic on  the grass.  Wine and little nibbles of puff pastry with mini cupcakes to finish, it was so much fun.  The crowd seems huge and everyone is caught up in their own little world.  Social, but not too social...just what I enjoy.  Add in my all time favorite Audrey Hepburn movie and I was one happy camper.  

Walking in to the cemetery was a really unique experience.  I've never in my life seen or imagined graves like these.  As it gets darker, it's very peaceful and not at all creepy (although I imagine that when they are showing a scary movie that it could be a different experience all together).  There was a little chill in the air that evening, but my blanket kept me cozy and there was something about seeing the film with all those people that made it so enjoyable.  I came to the realization on the way home that I really like the love stories that older movies tell.  Sabrina, and The Thrill of a Romance are two of my most loved love stories.  Oh the simpler times!

I would so highly recommend this as an outing should you find yourself in LA. For more info check out:  Cinespia

Sunday, May 27, 2012

pretty petty, if you ask me

I've worked in a department store for almost two years now.  It wasn't my dream job, but I enjoyed working with cosmetics and I built some really great friendships with my coworkers.  I felt that I worked hard at the job, sales are not my strength, but I was learning and I really feel that I contributed to the teams that I was working for.  There were some parts of my job that I really enjoyed, and days where I left feeling like I had really helped someone feel better about their appearance.

A couple of weeks ago, I was brought in for a job review.  I thought that it had gone well enough...I'd been on a roll recently with meeting my daily sales goals, all of my coworkers and the counter managers really liked me, and even gotten my name put up on the little all-star fliers that got posted on a semi-weekly basis.  They gave me a raise.  I left the review feeling pretty good.

Then the next week the Human Resources manager called me into her office.  I was terminated.  Turns out the review brought to the manager's attention that I had missed a number of days in late December, and the earlier part of this year (my mother had been in the hospital, and I was not able to get my shifts covered in such short notice).  To the company that I was working for this information was irrelevant, I had missed my allotted number of absences and there would be no excuses, no warnings, and no suspensions...and I was in and still am somewhat, in shock.

Again, this was not me living the dream...but at the same time I had always expected to leave on a high note...I have never been fired.  It feels disgraceful, to be also just feel wrong, to be let go one week after being given a raise. It's quite the blow to the self esteem.

I'm not sure what my next move is.  I've been taking the postgraduate classes offered by the Dermal Institute and had planned on applying to some new places, but I figured I would stay on at the department store too. Ultimately I'd love just going to work, doing some facials and going home at the end of the day.  I'm trying to take things slowly for now, to let my head clear a bit.  Focus on studying, get my references together, prepare a new resume, then begin to put myself out there...that's the plan.

Any advice out there?  Ever been in a similar situation?  I'd appreciate hearing from you.

Monday, May 21, 2012


aesthetics, esthetics
a branch of philosophy dealing with beauty and the beautiful.

In my International Dermal Institute class today we talked about some of the terms they like to use, such as skin therapist instead of esthetician,  because as skin therapists we treat the skin and the skin's conditions. Now, it's not that I don't like dealing with beauty...but offering to treat the skin does sound a little more professional.

My class went really well today.  I'm attending the International Three Day Skin Care Technique class, which is quite the mouthful and quite a bit of material too.  I got a mini facial today while we practiced the double cleanse, it was so relaxing that I can't wait for tomorrow when we practice the massage part!  

I was a little nervous at first (my last attempt at a facial was during a practical interview...and it did not go well), so I knew going in that I was a little rusty.  Luckily most of the class seemed to feel the same. Our instructor, Jennifer is great!  She is really patient, and great at going step by step to make sure all of us are getting it right.  

If you, or anyone you know is taking esthetician or skin care classes and feel that they need some continuing education I would highly recommend IDI...and I'm paying for these classes (not getting paid to say nice things).  

Sunday, May 20, 2012

pretty and historical too!

I love a good history book, nerdy but true. Put beauty and history together and I'm definitely up to reading it...which brings me to "Inventing Beauty" by Teresa Riordan.  It's got lots of info on how things came to be, plus plenty of old advertisements and images that had been submitted to the patent office.

Can I just say how relieved I am that I live in a age of sports bras and other underthings designed for comfort?  I can't imagine how it would've ever been a good idea to craft a bra out of sheet metal, cardboard, or rubber! And although I'm not much of a lipstick wearer myself, it's crazy the original contraptions that were created to house a simple lipstick. This book is full of all kinds of insights and anecdotes to really show us how far we've come beauty wise...but I'm so curious to see what happens when they can update this in a few years to show us how crazy we are now.

a little from the book
a little from the past

and a little from the now

Sunday, May 6, 2012

lazy day pretty

After two rather stressful days at work I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning and then later taking a nap.  Now it's evening, and I didn't not do laundry or go to the gym as I had planned.  I even left myself memos in my phone...oh well.

What did I actually do today? I read my book (Lucky Child, by Thomas Buergenthal; a story about a boy who survived Auschwitz).  I played some words with friends and added the I heart radio app.  I watched Big Rich Texas. Now I'm giving myself a treatment with a green tea mask and watching Once Upon a Time.

It's made by Naisture, I picked up a pack at an esthetics trade show.  It's one of my favorites because it's all self contained.  It's super easy to use. Cleanse, tone, mask (approx 15 mins, but I tend to leave it on longer).
When I'm done and ready for bed, I'll top my face off with my retinol cream and my eye cream.

A lazy day, yes...but still a lovely one. :)

This is the mask that I'm using, I was going to link to it but can't find it on the company website. They have other mask available here

Friday, May 4, 2012

pretty please...just be polite

It has never occurred to me to go into a store and ask for something for free...but in the cosmetics department it happens all the time (and I do mean all the time).

"You have samples?", "What will you give me today?", "What's the free gift?" are all I seem to hear sometimes.  Yes, the makeup counters do sometimes have samples, but a lot of time, the managers sets the rules as to how they are to be handed out.  (Usually, it's ok to give them out with a certain number of items purchased, or a specified amount has to be spent, or an account has to be opened.)  These are the general-unwritten rules of the free samples.

Do these rules get bent? Yes. Do I bend them sometimes? Yes.  When do I bend these unwritten rules? When the customer is POLITE.  More than anything, if a person is courteous, and respectful to me (the sales person), I will do my darndest to make them happy.  All that I need is for that customer to say a simple "please" and/or "thank you".

I can't demand that a customer be courteous to me, but I can hold on to whatever samples I have for the customer that is. (It's the closest to a superpower I might ever have.)

(In case you couldn't tell, it was a rough day at work)

How was your day?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

pretty skin (day off of work edition)

I aim for a pretty natural look for the most part, the whole "my skin but better" is my goal...which is not always easy to pull off working in cosmetics, but for my days off though, I try to keep it pretty simple. This is my basic daily routine:

pretty simple morning

Benefit They're Real! Mascara (your lashes...but better) 
Desert Essence Organics: Pomegranate  Face Wash (cruelty free)
Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion 
Clarins Generation  Six  Firming Serum
Clinique BB Cream, Shade 2 (SPF 30 + antioxidants+ foundation=awesome)

pretty lovely lashes (updated 5/30)

Oh mascara, it is one of my favorite things to purchase and/or receive as a sample.  I love new mascara like I love new toothbrushes (I have a weird thing about new toothbrushes, I guess I like them super fresh...whatevs).

My current favorites

  • Lancome's Hypnose Doll Lashes: the pointy end helps get the outside, inside and bottom lashes.
  • Benefit "They're Real!": Makes lashes look super long, and has a little round end to add a little extra wherever you need it. 
  • Buxom: Full and very natural looking. 
These are my yet-to-be-tried mascaras:
  • Tarte's Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara, I like other Tarte products with their Amazonian Clay, so it might be worth a try.
  • Benefit's Bad Gal in Plum, it's been a while since I've had a colored mascara and Benefit doesn't usually let me down.

Handy mascara tip: When you first pull the wand from the tube, gently wipe the tip on the back of your hand. This will help to avoid getting any excess on your face (like near the bridge of your nose or near the inner corners.

mascara favorites

Update: Make any mascara waterproof (please note, that I have not tried this out. I just wanted to share the info)