Sunday, December 16, 2012

a little Betsey Johnson love

There is something in Betsey that I will always love.  I remeber watching a fashion show of hers once, and she used Playboy Bunnies as models because they were curvier than the typical runway models.  They all had a lot of bounce and jiggle in their step and big smiles on their faces...then Betsey came out and finished the show by doing a cartwheel on stage.

She is all about fun and pink and hearts and bows. These are things I will never outgrow.  Some of her stuff is a bit outrageous for the day to day of running errands, going to work and stopping for coffee...but it's always super ultra mega girly.  I tend to stick with her picking up her jewelry.  I've got a pink leopard heart necklace and a little owl ring that I always get compliments on.  I also picked up her Sephora by OPI nail stickers with cherries/lightning bolts/bows.  These are currently one of my favorite things because it makes me and my fingers happy. (Sadly, these appear to have been discontinued).  Currently I'm wearing OPI's "La Paz-itively Hot" with some cherry and lightning bolt accents.

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