Monday, June 29, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole with Holly...a book review

I watched Girls Next Door, I purchased two of the Playboys featuring them and I now have read Holly Madison's book...I felt I should get that out of they way.  I liked the "Girls" they always seemed like they were having a blast.  Holly was more reserved and now having read her book  I like her more (although Bridget remains my favorite).  I don't fault anyone their life choices, we all walk our own path.  

This was a super fast read and gave some insight into what it was like to be Hef's main girlfriend (not that I ever thought it would be that glamorous).  She maybe could've go on a little more here and there, but I figure it's her story --she can tell us what she wants.  Crazy to think that Holly and I are so close in age...and how very different our lives are. For whatever reason though, I'm glad I picked this up, she was at a point in her life where she knew she needed a change.  While I feel that away (a lot of the time) its a positive thing when you reading about someone who actually made the change for the better.  I guess in a weird way, her book was kind of ~dare I say it?~ uplifting.

My only complaint might be the $15 it's a bit much to pay for a kindle book.  However, had I waited (and not bought it on the day it came out) it may have come down in price. is still my favorite (seen with her dog Wednesday) and I'm so glad that Holly still lists her as a best friend.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

WW...week 1 & some books

So apparently I picked the wrong week to start weight watchers...I came down with a sore throat on Tuesday so my tracking went: popsicle, popsicle, cup of noodles...popsicle...and jolly ranchers.  I also lacked the energy to actually log in and track the points of my popsicle parade.
(2 points a pop)

Onward and upward though right? Or would it be onward and downward if your goal is to lose weight?

I kept my Kindle busy while I was under the weather though.  I finished Orange is the new Black, by Piper Kerman and read The Island, by Victoria Hislop.  So while in the confines of my sick bed I went from Women's prison to a leprosy colony in Greece in the 1940s. Both really different and very good reads.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Points for me...or the day I joined Weight Watchers

My jeans don't fit.  Not even my stretchy's very sad.  I do not want to mourn the loss of these jeans just yet so I suppose I need to do something on my end.

My main problem area is my belly pooch...and I would also like to go back to just one chin in my pictures.  My arms could def be more toned...however I have seen pics of the ladies on both sides of my family tree and have kind of accepted my jiggly arm fate.

I signed up for Weight Watchers today.  It has been successful for a couple of my friends and also was recommended by my doctor a while back.  I had resisted the idea, thinking that I couldn't/wouldn't work on a diet. What made me all of a sudden change my mind?  I stepped on a scale at the gym and realized I was at my all time heaviest.

It's still very new to me.  I signed up online for a three month period.  I've tracked my food today but am currently finding myself guesstimating the amounts.  My big success of day 1 was choosing the vinagrette over the french dressing with my salad.  Yay me!

And so it begins...

Anyone out there been on Weight Watchers before? Any tips are appreciated.

Cheers all

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Product review: Body Shop's Honey Bronze

Picked this up after seeing a before/after on home away from home.  Simple to use, and not too shimmery.

Basic faux tan rules apply:
Shower and exfoliate
Towel dry
Shake up the Honey Bronze
Give it a couple of minutes to dry before putting on your clothes
Wash your hands of any residual bronzer

I'm liking this one a lot, I'm sure I could go darker with this on my legs.  It never appears orange, just a little bit of color for shorts season.  Even though it's called shimmering dry's not so much that you feel like a glittery vampire/stripper.

Bought mine online from The Body Shop along with a couple of other items. Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil in Honey Kissed ($22.00 for 3.3 ounces...a little goes a long way).

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Product splurge: Vine Vera Cabernet Peel

I took a trip to the mall the other day, just to purchase a gift for a friend.  I was not shopping for myself.  Ok, maybe one small thing...a bracelet or t-shirt...but just one thing.  

I was lured into the Vine Vera store because of a free sample...and Zoie.  She sat me down to her chair to show me how their product worked.  The peel seemed awesome, very gentle and when she removed it with a cotton ball I was amazed at what I saw...(and a little grossed out, I mean come on I had showered that morning and here were all these little dead skin cells sitting on a cotton ball!)

Then came the price pitch...I can't even remember what the original price she said based on their website let's say $300.00.  I about fell out of the chair, I'm sure my jaw was on the floor.  And I said NO.  I was honest and told her: I'm out of work, I'm only here to purchase a gift for a friend.  We went back and forth for a bit, she wanted to make the sale work...and I really was impressed with how the product worked.  I held strong--this is not in my price range, and I am not one to haggle.  However, when she came down to $80.00...I caved.  I'll save money in another area of my life.

Vine Vera Resveratrol Cabernet High-Potency Cellular Peel
Resveratol Cabernet High Potency Cellular Peel

I've used the peel once so far, it is recommended to use once a week.  I will take some before/after pics after I've used it for a little while.  After one use, I could not stop touching my face--it was so soft!  

This product line does appear to be questionable in regards to their pricing.  If you are interested in trying them out do some research first...and if you are a good haggler--go for it. If using the internet--shop around to get a good price.  

Per their website Vine Vera does not test on animals. You can visit their website here to check them out.

How is your sales resistance? Can you walk on by or do you go for the sample?


Monday, June 1, 2015

Beach Day Prep

Bolsa Chica, CA 

June 1st and my first official beach day of the summer!  I will take a beach day over just about any other kind of day.

The night before a beach day is best for shaving the legs and underarm (trying to do these things day of will most likely result in skin irritation...and if you end up with a nick--ouch).  Currently using Lush-Prince Triple Orange Blossom Shaving Cream (I choose to get the smaller size which retails about $14.00).  

Day of: I start with sunscreen before anything else. For sunscreen, I like Sun Bum and Ocean Potion; I figure before you put your swim suit on you can better reach all your spots and places.  Don't forget the toes! Then come the swim suit and cover up.  

Into my bag goes: a large beach towel/blanket (for laying on) and a normal (smaller) towel for drying off. Additional sunscreen (now is when I opt for the spray on kind). I also like to bring a face sunscreen and keep it in my cooler (makes it nice cool and refreshing).  Sunglasses (an older pair that won't make me cry if it gets scratched or carried off by a wave).  Small cosmetic bag for cash, ID and keys. 

Snacks/drinks: I like to have a sandwich place pack me a sandwich, bring chips to share and generally a fruit of some kind: watermelon, pineapple, strawberries.  Also a large container of water (I like to fill it with ice too).  For the 21 and over crowd: Those little frozen daiquiri-juice pouches draw much less attention than red party cups.  Vodka spiked watermelon goes over well. For additional ideas may I suggest searching Pinterest for Beach Drinks? ***Proceed with caution though and keep an eye out for beach cops.

Any beach tips or treats that you'd like to share?

Aloha and cheers!