Wednesday, June 25, 2014

why didn't I think of that?

Two tips I got this week from The Beauty Department and Buzzfeed:

1.  Instead of fixing eyeliner smudges with a q-tip and makeup remover...try a q-tip and eye treatment (i.e. eye cream). I like following The Beauty Department on FB...but whatever floats your boat. For eye cream, I like Derma E, it's has a very light consistency so it would be especially good for day/makeup corrections (about $15.00, ULTA, Puritan's Pride, and other places).
Borrowed from The Beauty Department 

2. Spray bobby pins with hair spray to help them stick (before you put them in).  Link to the full "29 Hairstyling Hacks Every Girl Should Know" here. They appear to have borrowed this particular tip from Pretty Gossip, has reviews and tutorials.  For hair spray, right now I'm using Jason's Thin to Thick Extra Volume Hair Spray. (Around $8.00).  I don't think it's very sticky, but it may be enough to give the bobbys a little help.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

a very merry unbirthday

Tomorrow is my best friends we celebrated it up this weekend.

Saturday began at the Voda Spa  in Los Angeles.  The outside really doesn't prepare you for the inside.  You enter into a peaceful little paradise.  You check in, get your locker, go upstairs to hop in your robe and sandals and you're ready to your swimsuit, as this is a coed place.  There had been some discussion about visiting a "naked" spa, but that's been postponed for a bit.

We visited the different saunas and steam rooms, took a dip in the pool and had our treatments.  I got the aromatherapy massage, and the therapist took a lot of time working on the knots in my neck and shoulder area, which I appreciate greatly because I've been told that's where I hold my tension.  It did feel a little rough in spots, but hey, whatever works sometimes.  The BF had a pretty amazing facial.  So good she got her card and plans to visit her again.  Our other friend went for deep tissue massage and really felt like she got a good one...I'm more for Swedish styles, but maybe that's why I have knots.

Later we did the lunch thing at Gracias Madre also in LA.  This is a Vegan/Mexican restaurant and pretty tasty.  They have a great patio, perfect for drinking.  In the mood for a super fun outdoorsy summer drink? Let me recommend their "La Quinceanera" it's pink and yellow and has tequila and a I wish I'd taken a picture.

We finished up the day with mani-pedis at Limon Nail & Spa Boutique super friendly ladies at very small shop.  $35 for a mani-pedi combo, I call that a score.  I went a mermaid type of route with my color choices.

For Sunday we did our volunteer shift with the kitties at BFLA.  Best Friends Animal Society is an amazing organization doing great work for the adoptable cats and dogs of LA. While there is nothing glamorous about cleaning cat cages, it does give your heart a boost knowing that you're doing good.

While it wasn't my birthday, being able to see hang with a friend having fun all weekend long felt like a very merry unbirthday for me!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a week (or so) in the life

So, I gave online dating another shot...and even went on a date! Then we went out on another...then nothing. Still better than my last couple of online dating experiences though.  I also did that thing.  You know that crazy girl thing where you kind overly obsess about why that guy hasn't called you back and then you ask him about it (via it turns out really long and embarrassingly pathetic).  He, being him...opts not to answer.  I have to say, after rereading what I wrote a half a dozen (dozen and a half) times...I probably wouldn't answer me back either.  Oh wells, it is what it is.  There are some guys in the Plenty of Cupids pool that I've abruptly quit interacting with - now I've been on the other side.  Lessons have been learned. I also completely deleted that guy from my phone so that I can go on about my day.

Shop small, shop local they I tried. I went shopping the other day in hopes of finding a dress to wear to an upcoming Summer wedding.  There is an adorable little shop in La Verne (The Little Dress Shop).  Their Yelp review is here.  Unfortunately for me it really was a "little" dress shop...everything I liked was too small for me.  As in, didn't even get to try it on because it was all size small.  They had a few dresses in large, but by the time I found them I felt like an elephant.  Decent prices, a fun mix of new and vintage, and fun jewelry.  I picked up a pair of flowery bobby pins for $5.00.

Have you fancied up your water lately?  I did.  I've been mixing mint sprigs and lemon slices in a water bottle (let it set/"infuse" in the fridge overnight) and voila crisp refreshing water the next day! I also did a day with watermelon mint too...also pretty tasty.  They've got all sorts of ideas on Pinterest. Try searching "detox water", I don't know if it's so much of a detox, but it does change it up a bit.

That's my little check in! Hope all is well with you.

I'd always love to hear from you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

it works!...does it? kind of.

A friend started selling body wraps...and although being skeptical I'm also someone who would love to lose inches around by belly instantly.  I know I'm not alone, otherwise a company like "It Works" wouldn't exist.  Company wise...I'd call them questionable.  They want everyone to be a part of their "Loyal Customer" program which means you get the product delivered monthly for a discount.  Or you can opt to sell their product...I chose neither of those options, so I paid more. Whatev.

I've used the product three times now, and for a couple of days after I do see a small difference in how my jeans fit.  The product says you can use the wrap every three days.  I've used it once a week (I like to put it on after a workout night and then sleep in it).  In the morning I take a quick shower, because while the scent of the wrap isn't terrible, it's not beautiful either.  I feel like for the next couple of days my clothes do fit better. Realistically, I know that this quick fix is not doing anything real...but it might be just the thing to use before a big event...or a day at the beach.

It feels a bit cold at first, and throughout wearing it does get a bit tingly. You simply open the package, place it where you'd like to lose the inches (tummy, arm, thighs) and wrap some plastic wrap over it.  It is recommended you wear it for at least 45 minutes, like I said I wear it overnight.

**This is totally a use at your own risk type of product. Be careful of possible allergies, probably not a good idea on sensitive skin.  The wraps run about $25 a pop, be sure you try it first before you sign up for any of the discounts.**

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?  I'd love to hear from you!