Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a week (or so) in the life

So, I gave online dating another shot...and even went on a date! Then we went out on another...then nothing. Still better than my last couple of online dating experiences though.  I also did that thing.  You know that crazy girl thing where you kind overly obsess about why that guy hasn't called you back and then you ask him about it (via it turns out really long and embarrassingly pathetic).  He, being him...opts not to answer.  I have to say, after rereading what I wrote a half a dozen (dozen and a half) times...I probably wouldn't answer me back either.  Oh wells, it is what it is.  There are some guys in the Plenty of Cupids pool that I've abruptly quit interacting with - now I've been on the other side.  Lessons have been learned. I also completely deleted that guy from my phone so that I can go on about my day.

Shop small, shop local they I tried. I went shopping the other day in hopes of finding a dress to wear to an upcoming Summer wedding.  There is an adorable little shop in La Verne (The Little Dress Shop).  Their Yelp review is here.  Unfortunately for me it really was a "little" dress shop...everything I liked was too small for me.  As in, didn't even get to try it on because it was all size small.  They had a few dresses in large, but by the time I found them I felt like an elephant.  Decent prices, a fun mix of new and vintage, and fun jewelry.  I picked up a pair of flowery bobby pins for $5.00.

Have you fancied up your water lately?  I did.  I've been mixing mint sprigs and lemon slices in a water bottle (let it set/"infuse" in the fridge overnight) and voila crisp refreshing water the next day! I also did a day with watermelon mint too...also pretty tasty.  They've got all sorts of ideas on Pinterest. Try searching "detox water", I don't know if it's so much of a detox, but it does change it up a bit.

That's my little check in! Hope all is well with you.

I'd always love to hear from you.

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