Tuesday, June 3, 2014

it works!...does it? kind of.

A friend started selling body wraps...and although being skeptical I'm also someone who would love to lose inches around by belly instantly.  I know I'm not alone, otherwise a company like "It Works" wouldn't exist.  Company wise...I'd call them questionable.  They want everyone to be a part of their "Loyal Customer" program which means you get the product delivered monthly for a discount.  Or you can opt to sell their product...I chose neither of those options, so I paid more. Whatev.

I've used the product three times now, and for a couple of days after I do see a small difference in how my jeans fit.  The product says you can use the wrap every three days.  I've used it once a week (I like to put it on after a workout night and then sleep in it).  In the morning I take a quick shower, because while the scent of the wrap isn't terrible, it's not beautiful either.  I feel like for the next couple of days my clothes do fit better. Realistically, I know that this quick fix is not doing anything real...but it might be just the thing to use before a big event...or a day at the beach.

It feels a bit cold at first, and throughout wearing it does get a bit tingly. You simply open the package, place it where you'd like to lose the inches (tummy, arm, thighs) and wrap some plastic wrap over it.  It is recommended you wear it for at least 45 minutes, like I said I wear it overnight.

**This is totally a use at your own risk type of product. Be careful of possible allergies, probably not a good idea on sensitive skin.  The wraps run about $25 a pop, be sure you try it first before you sign up for any of the discounts.**

Thoughts? Comments? Questions?  I'd love to hear from you!

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