Monday, July 28, 2014

spa day (July edition)

After a very long work week I went for some relaxation at Wild Earth Spa in La Verne, CA it wasn't quite what I expected but ended up okay. I've always had a good experience in the past, but based on this trip I don't know that I'll go back.

I opted for one of their spa packages with a wrap and massage...apparently it's available on their website but is no longer on their in store menu.  The guy up front kept asking me if I was a new client...which was weird as I kept telling him "No".  The therapist who worked with me didn't seem to know what I was there for (maybe no one at the spa checks their website).

She walked me out to the sauna...and was about to leave when I asked how long she recommended I stay in there.  "About 30 minutes?...Um, or however long you want." I did 20 minutes.

We moved on to the wrap...she rubbed some tingly gel/cream on my upper arms, upper legs, and stomach.  I asked about the ingredients that make it tingle, she didn't know.  At this point I figured she must be new...nope, she said she'd been there for two years!

I will say the massage went alright, not stellar.  Very relaxing in spots...and I'm not one to complain about going over time on a massage, but the treatment was supposed to be 2 hours and altogether I was there for almost 3...partly because we started late.  It just wasn't that much fun and only semi relaxing.

Oh well, in plus news we're going out to Palm Springs in August with work and get 10% off spa services at our hotel.  Here's to trying again!!


Update: I contacted the Wild Earth regarding my service.  Management did not reply until I reposted my e-mail to their website (for all to see).  At that point the manager let me know all the personal details of her life as reasons why she didn't respond before.  She didn't address any of the issues I had with the service, but she did offer to let me come back for a free service.  She came across as super unprofessional, and I let her know as much...and that I was no longer comfortable coming back to her spa.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

E.L.F.ish fun

Went to Target and spent too much money...but found some delightfully inexpensive beauty products by e.l.f.. I got an eyelash curler for a dollar...a DOLLAR! I didn't love the feel of it, but the pad of it fit in my Tarte eyelash basically I got two replacement pads - still a win.  

Also snagged a Flawless Foundation in Buff for $6.00 and some brush cleaner for $3.00.  The foundation was such a score because I was looking at both Sand and Buff...took a chance on Buff and it's a great match. I've been using it with a faux beauty blender sponge that I picked up at ULTA one day.  I hear great things about the real thing, but since the cheapie knock off has been working so well I haven't worried about it.  

Totally on board to pick up some more e.l.f. next time I visit Target.  Check out the e.l.f. product line here (and check out their "Beauty Bundle" subscription plan...$19.99 every 8 weeks!)

Super affordable, available at Target, and cruelty free to boot!  

Cheers all!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

a visit with the doctor

Sometimes I read articles about how to get more time with your doctor, what questions to ask and whatnot.  I've never had an issue with this myself.  My doctor remembers the specifics of my life, and always wants to make sure all my questions/thoughts/concerns are answered.  This week we did the yearly checkup...and boy did she really get me thinking.

She asked about my eating habits: breakfast: in the car on the way to work (sometimes drive thru, sometimes just coffee), lunch: either at my desk or in the car (usually take out), and dinner: snack food/sometimes a salad.

She asked about my exercise: I aim for Pilates and Dance class every week...but often miss one (this week both). I miss because I can't seem to get out of work in time, no matter what time I start my day. I know I should exercise more, but after a long day where do you find the energy? (Seriously though, if you have suggestions--I'd love to hear them!)

Then my doctor asked how work was going...and I told her.  Technically and paperwork speaking I have two jobs.  I work for two companies in one office.  I regularly work 8 1/2 to 9 hours a day. The other day I was there from 7am-7pm...with no overtime (because two jobs=two time cards).  She looked at me and said basically I am not benefiting from this kind of schedule, and that I could not keep it up; she said it's not good for me. Then she said something that has stuck with me all week, "you're being taken advantage of".
Wow.  I sat quietly and realized she was right.

Having to own up about yourself to a medical professional really makes you take a look at where you need to make some life changes.  It's one thing to discuss life's trials and tribulations with a friend over a glass of wine...but it's quite a different feeling when your sitting there in one of those backless gowns.  I need to find some inner strength to make some necessary changes.  Wish me luck.

What motivates you? Are there life changes you need to make too?  I'd like to hear from you.