Sunday, July 27, 2014

E.L.F.ish fun

Went to Target and spent too much money...but found some delightfully inexpensive beauty products by e.l.f.. I got an eyelash curler for a dollar...a DOLLAR! I didn't love the feel of it, but the pad of it fit in my Tarte eyelash basically I got two replacement pads - still a win.  

Also snagged a Flawless Foundation in Buff for $6.00 and some brush cleaner for $3.00.  The foundation was such a score because I was looking at both Sand and Buff...took a chance on Buff and it's a great match. I've been using it with a faux beauty blender sponge that I picked up at ULTA one day.  I hear great things about the real thing, but since the cheapie knock off has been working so well I haven't worried about it.  

Totally on board to pick up some more e.l.f. next time I visit Target.  Check out the e.l.f. product line here (and check out their "Beauty Bundle" subscription plan...$19.99 every 8 weeks!)

Super affordable, available at Target, and cruelty free to boot!  

Cheers all!

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