Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Birthday Freebies for Novembers

Over the years I've learned a very important lesson regarding picking up my free birthday it before Thanksgiving! Aside from when I worked in a mall I generally try to avoid them during the holiday season.  Thank goodness for online shopping.

I've gotten them though from both Sephora and ULTA.  All about the lips this year.  

Must say that I'm pretty happy with the lip gloss from ULTA which is an $18 value and in a pretty pink can never really have too many lip glosses if you ask me.  I never did receive my birthday e-mail from ULTA and went ahead and used their "Contact Us" info on their website.  Based off some comments I read on FB I'm not the only one who did not receive the e-mail.  

The nice thing about Sephora is that you don't need to have an e-mail redemption code, you just visit the store give them your phone number (or Beauty Insider card...but who carries that around?) and they give you your treat.  This year it was a set of 2 Nars lip pencils.  I'm a little more fond of the lighter shade.  In general Nars is a little out of my price range, but something I do like to splurge on from time to time.  

The super bonus about these is that they are calorie free.  I feel like the majority of birthday clubs come from various restaurants for burgers and desserts.  I'll take the make up every time it lasts longer anyway. 

Cheers to you (& happy birthday to me).

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Mask: Honeydew & Chamomile was winter in southern California earlier this week...for like two and half days.  It got a little chilly and really windy there for a minute.  I'm not complaining (I'd ask for a little rain but we have El Nino to look forward too).  The change in temps and wind do tend to dry out my skin rather quickly so I'm glad I picked up the Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask.

I picked up the trial size mask for about $2 at the drug store (a full size is about $5 to $7, depending where you look online, I have not seen the full size in store). These are also available online at Ulta and I think that sometimes they have a pretty nifty deal to go with it.  

I appreciate that Melon and Chamomile are actually near the top of the ingredient listThe trial size was good for 2 nights of masking (and a tiny bit of moisture on the third night).  I liked the light scent and that my skin felt hydrated when I woke up in the morning.  I would for sure pick this up again. 

*Their packaging states that it is not tested on animals, however there is some disagreement on the net about how truly cruelty free they are.


Saturday, November 21, 2015

An open letter to the world World,

I generally keep my thoughts on world views and politics to myself as there are plenty of opinions floating around the web as is.  What I'm looking for I suppose are answers.  How can people continue to treat each other so badly? What are we leaving for the future generations? 

The negativity is suffocating. There is so much finger pointing and so much blame...but where are the solutions? I wish I had some to offer up...but I too am at a loss.  

The best I can offer is on a personal level to practice kindness everyday.  I will screw up...someone will cut me off on the freeway or try my patience at a check out line but I will work on reminding myself to be kind.  It's all I've got to give right now.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

the root of the problem...or a remedy for bad hair days don't know what to say about my hair lately.  For a while there I could go a couple of days between shampoos and just go with some handy dandy dry shampoo.  Then all of a sudden it seemed like even right out of the shower it was greasy.  I didn't know what to do, it's not like I use a ton of products. I don't overdo it on the conditioner either.  Very frustrating.  

I opted to try out Lush's shampoo bar.  Visited my local Lush and they gave me a few options.  I picked out Seanick (1.9 ounce bar is $11.95) because I liked the scent and also because of the beachy/ocean factor.  It's main ingredients are Nori Seaweed, Sea Salt, and Lemon Oil.  It's for sure got the refreshing factor. 
Seanik Solid Shampoo ($11.95)

After just one use I was amazed! I wasn't sure if I would like using a bar on my hair, but it came out so clean, shiny, and soft.  I lathered it up some and really worked the roots and the underside where I has having my major oil issues.  It seriously felt like after visiting the hairdresser clean.  I almost couldn't wait to wash my hair again, but I did to see how long this amazingness would last.  Looks like I can go back to every second or third day shampooing again (which I prefer as my hair is super fine and needs a little something to get any kind of volume).  

Lush gave me a sample of their "Big" another shampoo with sea saltiness and oil fighting factors.  This comes in their standard black tub for $27.95...haven't tried it as yet because I'm enjoying my purchase and don't know that I'll purchase in the future because I don't love the idea of spending almost $30 on shampoo (I'll say that maybe 13 bucks is my limit.
Lush Lip Service lip balm ($7.95)
Once at the register I picked up a tin of "Lip Service" lip balm...I can never have enough of these because I love them (and sadly also tend to lose them...which is why I like to have back up).

Do you have any Lush favorites?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A very merry Unbirthday for me When I was little my mom would sometimes pick up a bakery cake for no particular reason and she'd have them put "Merry Unbirthday" on it. She is  a fun lady like that. We'd also throw a party in the spring (usually May) because the weather was nicer and we didn't have to compete with the holidays.  

I think I'd like to go back to that.  As my 35th birthday is approaching I'm very aware of the fact that this is just not my season.  This particular time of year hits me pretty hard (as it has for the last several years).  Call it what you want "holiday blues" or whatever, I just find that for me everything begins a downhill slide after Halloween and doesn't necessarily pick up until sometime in the new year.  

I'd like to be cheerful for everyone and go out and celebrate and have fun for my birthday, but the further we get into the November/December holiday crush the more it seems like too much effort. 2016 then will be the year I bring back the Unbirthday.

My reasoning behind picking an Unbirthday:
  1. I am more of a summer person.
  2. Summer has better holidays (4th of July fireworks beat Thanksgiving turkey).
  3. It stays lighter later (I'm not adjusting to this time change well).
  4. I prefer iced tea to pumpkin spice anything.
  5. I'm not fond of the November birthstone (Topaz).
  6. Better beach and brunch weather.
  7. Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite Disney movies.

Monday, November 2, 2015

those people at the gym

I am not an avid gym goer.  I am trying to workout more. I have a gym pass and would really like it if some of the people at the gym would stop annoying me. I mean it's hard enough to get myself motivated to even go sometimes let alone getting there and having to deal with the cougher, the cackler, and the texter.
(Seen here: The Texter...hard at work)
  • The Cougher is the one that should really be at home getting some rest.  They creep up next to you on the elliptical (or what have you) and then proceed to hack/cough/gag either on the equipment or into their hands which they then place back on the equipment.  This person never wipes down the machine when their done.
  • The Cackler is generally a woman, wearing more makeup that a prom queen and not much else...she always comes with a friend...always.  She will then proceed to laugh/cackle loudly and generally just likes to draw attention to herself.  You will hear her over whatever you have playing in your headphones...she will make sure of it. 
  • The Texters are fine when they are in the cardio area, I take no issue with the phone fiddlers when they are going 1 mph on a stationary bike.  I do take issue when they're on the machine in the weights area and just chilling.  In between sets? Okay, but when it's been like 10 minutes...not so much. 
Lastly, and I do hesitate to add this one because it's not very common...but I have to take a slight issue with bearded men at the gym.  Not all, just one guy in particular actually...he was kind of handsome.  Very handsome and just scruffy enough and kind of tall too.  Then I realized his shorts had a high school logo on them...eek!  It's not okay to look like a grown up man being all beardy and then wearing shorts meant for a high school boy.  It is too confusing and I don't appreciate it.   

The next time your at the gym and encounter any of the these people...know that you have my sympathy.  Don't let them stop you, go workout, in spite of them.