Monday, November 2, 2015

those people at the gym

I am not an avid gym goer.  I am trying to workout more. I have a gym pass and would really like it if some of the people at the gym would stop annoying me. I mean it's hard enough to get myself motivated to even go sometimes let alone getting there and having to deal with the cougher, the cackler, and the texter.
(Seen here: The Texter...hard at work)
  • The Cougher is the one that should really be at home getting some rest.  They creep up next to you on the elliptical (or what have you) and then proceed to hack/cough/gag either on the equipment or into their hands which they then place back on the equipment.  This person never wipes down the machine when their done.
  • The Cackler is generally a woman, wearing more makeup that a prom queen and not much else...she always comes with a friend...always.  She will then proceed to laugh/cackle loudly and generally just likes to draw attention to herself.  You will hear her over whatever you have playing in your headphones...she will make sure of it. 
  • The Texters are fine when they are in the cardio area, I take no issue with the phone fiddlers when they are going 1 mph on a stationary bike.  I do take issue when they're on the machine in the weights area and just chilling.  In between sets? Okay, but when it's been like 10 minutes...not so much. 
Lastly, and I do hesitate to add this one because it's not very common...but I have to take a slight issue with bearded men at the gym.  Not all, just one guy in particular actually...he was kind of handsome.  Very handsome and just scruffy enough and kind of tall too.  Then I realized his shorts had a high school logo on them...eek!  It's not okay to look like a grown up man being all beardy and then wearing shorts meant for a high school boy.  It is too confusing and I don't appreciate it.   

The next time your at the gym and encounter any of the these people...know that you have my sympathy.  Don't let them stop you, go workout, in spite of them.  

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