Thursday, November 19, 2015

the root of the problem...or a remedy for bad hair days don't know what to say about my hair lately.  For a while there I could go a couple of days between shampoos and just go with some handy dandy dry shampoo.  Then all of a sudden it seemed like even right out of the shower it was greasy.  I didn't know what to do, it's not like I use a ton of products. I don't overdo it on the conditioner either.  Very frustrating.  

I opted to try out Lush's shampoo bar.  Visited my local Lush and they gave me a few options.  I picked out Seanick (1.9 ounce bar is $11.95) because I liked the scent and also because of the beachy/ocean factor.  It's main ingredients are Nori Seaweed, Sea Salt, and Lemon Oil.  It's for sure got the refreshing factor. 
Seanik Solid Shampoo ($11.95)

After just one use I was amazed! I wasn't sure if I would like using a bar on my hair, but it came out so clean, shiny, and soft.  I lathered it up some and really worked the roots and the underside where I has having my major oil issues.  It seriously felt like after visiting the hairdresser clean.  I almost couldn't wait to wash my hair again, but I did to see how long this amazingness would last.  Looks like I can go back to every second or third day shampooing again (which I prefer as my hair is super fine and needs a little something to get any kind of volume).  

Lush gave me a sample of their "Big" another shampoo with sea saltiness and oil fighting factors.  This comes in their standard black tub for $27.95...haven't tried it as yet because I'm enjoying my purchase and don't know that I'll purchase in the future because I don't love the idea of spending almost $30 on shampoo (I'll say that maybe 13 bucks is my limit.
Lush Lip Service lip balm ($7.95)
Once at the register I picked up a tin of "Lip Service" lip balm...I can never have enough of these because I love them (and sadly also tend to lose them...which is why I like to have back up).

Do you have any Lush favorites?

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