Monday, April 14, 2014

Hard Candy

Whilst waiting for my prescription to be filled I sometimes wander the beauty aisle (other times I snag a tabloid from the magazine section and get comfy on a bench).  My wandering brought me to Hard Candy.  I associate this brand with my teenage years (I checked they began back in 1995).  Hard Candy was unattainable to me then (it was beyond my Bonne Bell budget and non-pink nail polish was frowned upon by my mom at the time).

I walked away with their Just Face It (their "featherweight" foundation).  My shade turned out to be 777, how lucky am I?  Pros: For guessing on my shade, it turned out right.  A little goes a long way with this as well and it blends nicely too.  Cons: The pump quit pumping within a week...bummer, but whatev I'm not above unscrewing the lid.

I also picked up their 1,000 lashes mascara in Divine Purple.  Oh yeah, I did it...purple mascara (my inner 15 year old was stoked!).  It's really subtle, just a little hint in the right light.  Pros: Subtle enough for everyday, not at all clumpy. Cons: None that I've found.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

beauty on the cheap

Did you know that Marshall's has beauty products?  I guess maybe I did...but I didn't pay much attention.  I found some awesome deals and they were are all cruelty free to boot! (Going cruelty free has lead to some fun surprises. It can be a little work, but it's totally worth it.)

Marshall's fun finds:
1) Resveraderm: Advanced Skin Care Complex.  A day and night cream with Resveratol (red wine grape antioxidant) by Dermapeutics.  (MSRP: $125.00, Marshall's: $14.99)

2) Also by Dermapeutics a Hyaluronic Eye Lift Serum. (MSRP: $55.00, Marshall's $9.99).

3) Intensive Heel Repair (because flip flop season is pretty much year round) by Earth Therapeutics.  It's got Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint. ($3.99)

4) A nummy scented scrub "Peaches and Passion" also by Earth Therapeutics (and also $3.99).  Getting my arms ready for tank tops has never smelled so delicious.