Sunday, October 26, 2014

oh my thai...a massage experience

I've been working some crazy hours this month (as I do at the end of a quarter)...and decided to treat myself to a massage before month end.  I'd been looking into Thai massage and liked the idea of being stretched into relaxation.

I Yelped a bit, looking for a place with good reviews in my area. I was in luck, as there were a couple of places with rave reviews.  I opted for the Sukho Thai Healing Center in Glendora. I called as I was leaving work, hoping to snag an appointment that evening.  I was in luck and headed right over.  Drove right past it, thinking I knew exactly where they were.  Called them back, circled around, found their little place.  A very friendly older gentleman greeted me.

Being new to the Thai massage experince, I didn't completely know what to expect.  A petite little lady greeted me (I easily stood a foot taller).  She showed me to our small curtained off space and directed me to a box to place my clothes and left me to get to it.

I laid down in the very dark yet calming space.  My massage therapist came back and went to work.  She used oil, and had a very firm pressure.  It began as a pretty basic massage but with some added stretches here and there, I could feel her resting her weight on the back of my thighs which I think gave her better leverage on my back.  I turned over (face up) and she crossed one leg over the other and stood on the table to help stretch the back of my leg...with my leg up on her shoulder I realized very suddenly that I now had nothing covering my lower half. She half asked, half told me that I was okay...and then we repeated it with the other leg. Perhaps modesty is not my thing when my aim is to relax...but she didn't make me feel awkward for one second (maybe one..but not 5 seconds).

I really enjoyed the whole experience.  I also really like that we started off with a warm towel to give me a quick overall cleanse (I spent the whole day in flip flops, so it was super nice to have clean feet!), we finished off with another warm towel with a little essential oil to refresh the senses.  It's maybe a bit of a hole in the wall from the outside, but I would totally go again.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Chakra Balancing

A couple weeks back I went to Palm Springs with my work crew.  We stayed at the super lovely Westin Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage.  Saturday, one of my work friends and I hit up this little place called Crystal Fantasy.  I realize that this is not a place for everybody, but I enjoyed myself.

As we wandered about the store filled with crystals, books, and tarot cards we soon found ourselves in the back room.  There were two ladies sitting next to massage tables and we asked what they did.  Crystal Healing and Chakra Balancing.  We consulted each other for a moment and it was decided, we were in. 

I got set up with a sweet sprite like little lady named Holly.  She was so soft spoken and radiated kindness, I immediately felt at ease with her.  I laid back on her table and closed my eyes.  She asked questions about my life, stress, things I'd like to work on.  I told her anything she wanted to know (she just had that kind of presence).  She placed assorted crystals on my person and swept her hands over was a very relaxing experience and also hard to explain.

Afterwards, we talked a little and she gave me her card.  I will for sure visit her again some time, and she let me know that I could contact her for a phone consultation anytime. 

Like I said, it's hard to explain what happened.  If you're open to that kind of can be kind of neat.  I'm going to try and learn more about these types of healing alternatives.

Cheers all!

Friday, August 1, 2014

of mountains and molehills

For the last few days my face has been growing a blemish the size of volcano on the region of my chin.  I have been trying to remain strong and patient.  I'm trying my best not to anger it.  I went to Google on behalf of my chin and the underground nightmare that has yet to unleash it's full fury.

Special thanks to Bella Sugar for some tips:

  • Tea bag: I rinsed a tea bag with water and heated it in the microwave for a few seconds before placing on the affected area. The tannins are supposed to reduce redness and swelling....this technique did not do much for me at this time. I wouldn't completely rule it out though.
  • Hydrocortisone cream: I'll say that I did absolutely no research on this...I had some cream handy and I dabbed it on my face with looking at no other sources (and without looking for any possible consequences) but it seemed to help.  It brought it up some.
Special thanks to Top 10 home remedies for this tip (and plenty more):
  • Warm compress: Wring out a wet washcloth (again I heated mine in the microwave) and place on face (hot, but not like burning your face off) the heat is supposed to stimulate circulation and bring the blemish up to a head.  (They also recommend tea bags).  
The hydrocortisone and washcloth combo is working, slowly.  Luckily it's still semi-coverable with concealer.  

As far as actual treatments I'm using Dermalogica's Overnight Clearing Gel...this works to a point, but I've never found an amazing spot treatment that I could swear by.  

Anyone out there struggling with the occasional breakout that feels like it's taking over your face...and your life?  Please share tips and products that you use.

Cheers all!