Friday, July 31, 2015

A letter to my doctor

As my regular doctor was out on maternity leave (very happy for her btw) I was left in the hands of the other doctor in the practice for my yearly check up.  At this appointment, I wanted to address my concerns that I am having difficulty losing weight even though I am actively working to do so.

Dear Dr. ______

I came in for my yearly physical exam this week and during the 15 minutes you spent with me I was able to bring up my concerns regarding weight loss.  I explained that I am currently at my heaviest weight ever and I can't seem to get the scale to budge.  I came to you for help.  I am aware of all the crazy diet pills and tricks and scams out there in the world, but I wanted your professional advice. 

What I got from you was overwhelming negativity.  You opted to hand me a prescription only after telling me that I needed to be serious about losing weight.  You told me that I needed to diet (and only gave me suggestions to which diets I should look too after I asked you to be more specific).  You told me that you would not prescribe this to me again if it did not appear that I was taking my weight loss seriously....and based on your judgmental tone and scowl I doubt you think I do. 

All in all I felt like a complete and total failure before I even got the prescription filled.  I now have 4 days to even get this prescription filled before it becomes void.  I did not come to you, a doctor, for sympathetic hand holding or a miracle drug.  I came for medical advice, suggestions from an actual doctor on the best way for me to lose weight and your professional opinion on how to proceed.  I feel that I got none of that in the short amount of time you set aside for me. 

I am currently considering going to one of those diet doctors that advertise in the city's monthly coupon book...they seem nice and hopefully will have a few additional minutes to spend with me regarding my weight problem.

I dislike your doctoring very much

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Starting over, all over again                                                                      Here I am at the starting line once again.  Feels like it's happened a lot in the last few years.  Luckily, I'm at the excited for a new beginning part.

I've been taking some continuing education classes over at the Dermal Institute.  I took the 3 Day Skin Care Technique class and met a great group of fellow Estheticians. I really enjoy taking classes there, the teachers are all great and a bonus is that we use Dermalogica (which is cruelty free).  Up next is a "skin series" class and a class in gaining and retaining clients...which will be pretty important as I currently have a whopping ZERO clients in my roster.

After these classes, I'll be hopping to the application process.  I'm not even really sure where to begin...but I'll figure it out.  Just need to get organized, be focused, and keep up my skills.

Unfortunately my workouts took a backseat when I was in class last week (2+ hours in traffic sure takes a lot out of you!)...but I will get started again, no wagon falling off for me!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A trip to Eden...(A Day Spa)

I love the idea of "detoxing".  Clearing out the bad so there is room for good.  The other day I tried a M'lis Detox Wrap at Luxe in Glendora.  Generally I go there for my cut and color needs (with Lisamarie).
The more I visit this salon, the more I like it.  This was my first trip to the Eden Day Spa side and I have to say that I was kind of amazed.  Past the hustle and bustle of the busy salon area there is a door in the back that leads to another door and into a quiet room.  A comfy couch and dim lighting it is a perfect spot to relax a little before you are led upstairs to one of three treatment rooms.

On with the show though.  My skin therapist today was Michelle, who was nice as could be.  We started with a quick scrub, a quick application of the M'lis Contour Body Cream and then I was all wrapped up with plastic.  I got real cozy for about 40 minutes and even dozed off for a few minutes.  The wrap was removed and I was on my way.  I don't know if I lost any inches, but I was for sure relaxed and smelling faintly of cinnamon. Overall it was a very positive experience and I would for sure visit again for other treatments! For a M'lis location near you click here.