Friday, January 22, 2016

working at working out

I'm doing my best to stick with my exercising and have finally reached that miraculous point of actually looking forward to my next class (went to three this week).  Sadly though, I have not reached the miraculous point of being more energized throughout my day.  Working out in the morning is still my preferred time of day (for me it beats having to wait around for a class in the evening) and I do seem to get more done directly after.  Nothing like being a sweaty mess at the grocery store second thing in the morning. I'm hoping is that I will start working again soon and therefore have more things to fill my day thus keeping my momentum going.  I've seemed to arrive at the old catch-22 though where I need experience to get a job but can't get a job without experience.  This was my dilemma when I last attempted a skin care career.  Fingers crossed that I may have an interview in the next week. I've rejoined the workforce though, I'm will continue to keep busy with working's not as if I have any valid excuses not to do so.  Right? Right.  Once I'm back to work I will need to keep it up...but we will cross that bridge when we get there (again hopefully soon)! Motivation provided by Disney Pixar and I just have to keep swimming (or in my case PiYo-ing, Yoga-ing, and Barre-ing).  

Cheers to you and hope that all is going swimmingly for you!

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