Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Product review: Aubrey Complexion Mist

Found a product that falls into my "nice enough to buy it twice" category.  I found it while browsing the skin care section at the Vitamin Shoppe one day.  It was rather summery at the time and I liked the idea of a quick spritz to refresh myself.  Fast forward to now where it's cool outside and heater-warm inside...and my skin has just been feeling dry and voila~instant hydration.

Aubrey's Sparkling Glacier Complexion Mist has a light refreshing scent.  In the morning I like to apply it right after I wash my face (and right before my moisturizer) and later in the day I enjoy a little mist to freshen up my day.  This product is not tested in animals and also boasts being vegan and even gluten free (if you need to avoid spraying gluten on your face).  The super bonus today at the Vitamin Shoppe was that it was $3 off (it retails there for $6.99), so it's affordable to begin with but who turns their back on almost half off?  

As far as facial sprays go, I've also purchased from Urban Decay...and while I do like their All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray that is going to set me back between $14-$30 (travel-full size) and right now I just don't have the disposable income for that.  

Do yourself and your skin a favor a little mist after you wash your face will add a few seconds to your routine...but your skin may thank you for it.  

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