Sunday, June 21, 2015

Points for me...or the day I joined Weight Watchers

My jeans don't fit.  Not even my stretchy's very sad.  I do not want to mourn the loss of these jeans just yet so I suppose I need to do something on my end.

My main problem area is my belly pooch...and I would also like to go back to just one chin in my pictures.  My arms could def be more toned...however I have seen pics of the ladies on both sides of my family tree and have kind of accepted my jiggly arm fate.

I signed up for Weight Watchers today.  It has been successful for a couple of my friends and also was recommended by my doctor a while back.  I had resisted the idea, thinking that I couldn't/wouldn't work on a diet. What made me all of a sudden change my mind?  I stepped on a scale at the gym and realized I was at my all time heaviest.

It's still very new to me.  I signed up online for a three month period.  I've tracked my food today but am currently finding myself guesstimating the amounts.  My big success of day 1 was choosing the vinagrette over the french dressing with my salad.  Yay me!

And so it begins...

Anyone out there been on Weight Watchers before? Any tips are appreciated.

Cheers all

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