Monday, June 29, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole with Holly...a book review

I watched Girls Next Door, I purchased two of the Playboys featuring them and I now have read Holly Madison's book...I felt I should get that out of they way.  I liked the "Girls" they always seemed like they were having a blast.  Holly was more reserved and now having read her book  I like her more (although Bridget remains my favorite).  I don't fault anyone their life choices, we all walk our own path.  

This was a super fast read and gave some insight into what it was like to be Hef's main girlfriend (not that I ever thought it would be that glamorous).  She maybe could've go on a little more here and there, but I figure it's her story --she can tell us what she wants.  Crazy to think that Holly and I are so close in age...and how very different our lives are. For whatever reason though, I'm glad I picked this up, she was at a point in her life where she knew she needed a change.  While I feel that away (a lot of the time) its a positive thing when you reading about someone who actually made the change for the better.  I guess in a weird way, her book was kind of ~dare I say it?~ uplifting.

My only complaint might be the $15 it's a bit much to pay for a kindle book.  However, had I waited (and not bought it on the day it came out) it may have come down in price. is still my favorite (seen with her dog Wednesday) and I'm so glad that Holly still lists her as a best friend.

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