Wednesday, December 26, 2012

what I gave and got

For work we did the "Secret Santa" thing and I got a cozy little throw blanket and a Starbucks card, for my gift I picked up a little set Lush...unfortunately it went to the only male in our office...who opted to pass it on to his brother's girlfriend (I hope she liked it, I loved the scent of the soap and body wash and liked the idea of the scrub).  I thought it might go over better in a female centric office but perhaps next year I'll go for champagne or movie tickets. Oh well live and learn.    I think the simple fact that I'm planning on what I might do next year at the office party is a good sign, I really do enjoy my new job.

My mom got me the Sexy Little Stowaways set from Benefit, okay so I chose it but whatevs.  Minis of faves and new things to try! I like the Stay Don't Stray primer, Bad Gal Lash is always a good choice, and I've been using the It's Potent eye cream. Tried out the "Pore fessional" and Hoola (bronzer) this morning and got to say I'm a fan.  I realized just how much Benefit I've been using lately too, love their products and their cheeky packaging too.

I got my mom the Remington iLight Pro, an at home laser dealy.  We'll see how it goes.  There were super mixed reviews with this and the No-no (which was what she was originally looking at) and also the Tria.  This one seemed to have the most affordable replacement parts. 

How was your Christmas?  Best of, worst of?  Always love to hear from you!

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