Friday, December 28, 2012

Dark edition palette

I'm a Johnny Depp fan through and through.  Dark Shadows was an ok movie...glad I saw it, but not an all time fave.  (I did catch some of the tv show from the 90s on the syfy channel at like 4am though, and found myself pretty caught up in it I'll probably give the movie another chance once makes it's way to cable.

NYX produced a palette for the movie and I know some people were lucky enough to receive it in some beauty subscriptions.  Once I saw the pics that were posted I was so envious that I tried to purchase it online.  I couldn't find it anywhere (at least not at a reasonable price).  Then a couple months back I happened through the mall and wandered into a new shop that has the most random beauty selection!  They've got a whole section of false eyelashes, a great nail selection and masks make up and skin care all for great prices.  They are geared to an Asian clientele, but are super friendly and helpful when I can't figure out what something is.  The best part is they had the Dark Shadows palette, and it was under suggested retail. 

I brought it home, and love it.  It's become my daily go to.  There are matte shadows and shimmers.  Pretty grays and coppers.  It also came with a shadow primer which works wonderfully.  I haven't tried the eye liner it came with, or too much of the blush and bronzers...but really I got it for the shadow selection.  NYX did not disappoint...and I will definitely be checking them out again in the future!  Ps: the glosses are pretty nifty too.

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