Monday, December 17, 2012

nice enough to buy it twice

While I totally enjoy trying out beauty and skin care products (and find a certain joy in merely being in the cosmetics section of department and drug stores), there are some items that I like enough to buy twice (or more).

nice enough to buy it twice

I've been a fan of the Clinique BB cream for a while now, and that doesn't appear to being to stopping anytime soon...I've also had a love of mascaras for a long let me get to some of my new favorites:

Benefit's Ultra Radiance: a super refreshing spritzy toner.  I began using this over the summer when my skin just needed a little wake up call durning the day. Now that the weather is colder, I've been using it prior to my serums.  Such a light fragrance (kind of cucumbery).  

Cherimoya Nail Polish Remover Pads with Cuticle Oil: I picked one of these up at random for 99 cents at a clothing shop.  One little pad removes the nail polish from all ten fingers!  It's not harsh like acetone removers, there is not much of a scent and while your fingers might feel a little oily I'd take that any day over the sting of regular removers.  Added bonus, no spills.  I went back to the shop and bought a couple more, what a bargain.

Pond's Cold Cream:  I know that there are some mixed views regarding cold cream, but I like it.  When I've got some real make up removal to take care of, I dampen my face rub a little cold cream on and then take my face cloth and wipe off. Voila, no make up and my skin feels soft.  If it's feeling a little to oily, I wipe with a cotton ball of toner.

Tarte Bronzer and Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation: A couple of my favorite powders.  Park Ave. Princess bronzer gives a nice summer-year-round type of glow...then a quick dusting of Bare Escentuals (I use golden medium) and I feel good to go. 

Puritan's Pride Retinol Cream: I use it as a night cream, every other night or so.  It's a good price, and I love waking up with my skin feeling all glowy.

What are some products that you like enough to purchase again?

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