Saturday, October 13, 2012

gettin a gifty at Clinique

It's that time again, gift with purchase at Clinique (for Macy's anyway, Nordstrom will have theirs next month).  I picked up their Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk to get my gift.  It's soft and well...milky and really does help break down the makeup particles on your face. I use it before additional cleanser and still like to use my Clairsonic too.  I love feeling all soft and clean after washing my face!

The gift was pretty much what it always is, but this time they are offering options for oily skin too.  Generally they just give out their best selling Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, this time they also offer the gel version.  As usual, they are also giving out a mini High Impact mascara (which is really nice for a natural but better look), and you'll get their eye makeup remover too.  You still get the little color palette (eye shadow and blush) and a lip color.  This time for the lips they're letting you try out their Almost Lipstick, which is kind of cool cause it looks a little different on everyone. I really liked the little mini bag too...not like I have too many already but whatever, this one will find it's uses too!

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