Sunday, May 6, 2012

lazy day pretty

After two rather stressful days at work I thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in this morning and then later taking a nap.  Now it's evening, and I didn't not do laundry or go to the gym as I had planned.  I even left myself memos in my phone...oh well.

What did I actually do today? I read my book (Lucky Child, by Thomas Buergenthal; a story about a boy who survived Auschwitz).  I played some words with friends and added the I heart radio app.  I watched Big Rich Texas. Now I'm giving myself a treatment with a green tea mask and watching Once Upon a Time.

It's made by Naisture, I picked up a pack at an esthetics trade show.  It's one of my favorites because it's all self contained.  It's super easy to use. Cleanse, tone, mask (approx 15 mins, but I tend to leave it on longer).
When I'm done and ready for bed, I'll top my face off with my retinol cream and my eye cream.

A lazy day, yes...but still a lovely one. :)

This is the mask that I'm using, I was going to link to it but can't find it on the company website. They have other mask available here

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