Sunday, May 27, 2012

pretty petty, if you ask me

I've worked in a department store for almost two years now.  It wasn't my dream job, but I enjoyed working with cosmetics and I built some really great friendships with my coworkers.  I felt that I worked hard at the job, sales are not my strength, but I was learning and I really feel that I contributed to the teams that I was working for.  There were some parts of my job that I really enjoyed, and days where I left feeling like I had really helped someone feel better about their appearance.

A couple of weeks ago, I was brought in for a job review.  I thought that it had gone well enough...I'd been on a roll recently with meeting my daily sales goals, all of my coworkers and the counter managers really liked me, and even gotten my name put up on the little all-star fliers that got posted on a semi-weekly basis.  They gave me a raise.  I left the review feeling pretty good.

Then the next week the Human Resources manager called me into her office.  I was terminated.  Turns out the review brought to the manager's attention that I had missed a number of days in late December, and the earlier part of this year (my mother had been in the hospital, and I was not able to get my shifts covered in such short notice).  To the company that I was working for this information was irrelevant, I had missed my allotted number of absences and there would be no excuses, no warnings, and no suspensions...and I was in and still am somewhat, in shock.

Again, this was not me living the dream...but at the same time I had always expected to leave on a high note...I have never been fired.  It feels disgraceful, to be also just feel wrong, to be let go one week after being given a raise. It's quite the blow to the self esteem.

I'm not sure what my next move is.  I've been taking the postgraduate classes offered by the Dermal Institute and had planned on applying to some new places, but I figured I would stay on at the department store too. Ultimately I'd love just going to work, doing some facials and going home at the end of the day.  I'm trying to take things slowly for now, to let my head clear a bit.  Focus on studying, get my references together, prepare a new resume, then begin to put myself out there...that's the plan.

Any advice out there?  Ever been in a similar situation?  I'd appreciate hearing from you.

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