Sunday, June 10, 2012

pretty delightful Lush haul

I'm such a an easy sell.  Really, tell me how lovely something me how soft something feels and if it smells nice to boot, I'm in.  Which is why at the end of my interview at Lush when my interviewer said "Hey, walk around the shop, check things out, get to know what we've got" (or something similar) I ended up with a couple of items and some samples.  I could so work there, everything I tried felt and smelled soooo nice.

I only got a couple of things that I actually needed (I have some willpower...not a lot but oh well).

1. No Drought, Dry Shampoo: Citrusy, but not heavy.  It actually is a powder (unlike other dry shampoos that spray onto your hair).  It's first three ingredients are cornflour, magnesium carbonate and talc. So, we've got flour, a salt/chalk like substance, and a powder all of which are going to help absorb oils and dampness (as I like to use this kind of thing after the gym). I like that you can just shake a little into your palm and rub it in, and it didn't leave a powder residue.  I've read other tips that say you can use baby powder to remove oils, but that always felt like it left my hair feeling like a powder wig...and seeing as I'm not one of our founding fathers, it's a look I avoid.

2. Prince, Shaving Cream: Shaving cream that is an actual cream, I've been using light lotion consistency stuff forever. This comes in a tub (and the sales guy assured me that it lasts a long time).  Again, it has a lovely light scent and it's great for both the scruffy gents (who it appears to be marketed for) and the ladies (I was told this was a staff fave).  For best results they recommend letting it set for a minute or two on your damp skin, which will help to lift up the hairs a little for a closer shave). Haven't tried it yet, but I'm actually excited to get to shave my legs which is a completely new feeling for me. (The key ingredients for this shave creams are cocoa butter, linseed oil, witch hazel and orange blossom.)

It was recommended to me to try their Ro's Argan Body Conditioner after shaving to really help lock in moisture.  My mom tried this little sample out on her arms and fell in love instantly because it really improved the look of her arms.  Main ingredients: argan oil, shea butter, and rose absolute (pretty sure that's for fragrance) and lemon peel.

They also threw in a sample of their Ocean Salt scrub, which smells super refreshing.  It can be used for the face or the body, and is supposed to be good for all skin types too.  Main ingredients being: sodium chloride (duh, salt) ;0), grapefruit extract, lime extract, and vodka.

So, all in all I do hope my interview went well, but if it didn't at least I got some good stuff out of it.  (Really keeping my fingers crossed that it went well though). :0)

How important is scent in your product purchase? Do you have any great Lush experiences?


  1. I have a friend who is obsessed with Lush and she's always trying to get me on board. I don't know why, I'm just not sold on the brand. It just seems like glorified homemade products with cute product names. What do you think, is it worth trying? Any product recommendations?

  2. I really like that their company started out small and really does try to make a difference out in the world. They are completely against animal testing, all about trying to be as green as possible. They've got other causes that they support too.

    As far as products go, I highly recommend the shaving cream. I've also had their bath bombs in the past which smell heavenly (sadly I don't have a tub right now). The crew at the store is super nice and will let you try out anything you want.

    I do think they are worth giving a try, a lot of things come in smaller sizes and I don't feel their prices are unreasonable. I really like that the products are handmade (and come with a sticker with a picture of who made it).

    Let me know how it works out for you.
    Thank you for commenting Kayla!

  3. I really want to try some new things from Lush. The shave cream looks good. I love all the natural ing. They use. I tried 2 products that I couldn't stand the smell of from lush. My sense of smell is very strong, I can seriously smell something before I see it. So scent is very important to me, gotta love it. Good luck on your interview...

  4. I think with Lush, it's important to really try the things out the best you can in store... one of the samples they gave me (the Ro's Argan body conditioner) was a little too strong for me (but my mom loved it so it worked out for her).

    Thank you so much, I hope to hear back from the interviewer in the next few days.


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