Tuesday, May 7, 2013

taking sides on pretty (organic vs. lab made)

It's a choice you make for yourself. All organic and natural sound great...but in my experience sometimes it's a little lacking in the results department. An ingredients list with words as long as my arm doesn't seem much better, and even though I own ingredient dictionaries it is a bit time consuming to look it all up.

At an International Dermal Institute (Dermalogica) class I was at they talked about how their products are made in the lab and how the only guinea pigs they use are their employees.  It was pointed out that when a product is created in the lab it can synthesize the ingredient from nature...but it will turn out the same every time which in turn would create consistent results.  To me, I think seeing and feeling results is a bigger issue than the ingredients list.

Also, I'm currently more concerned about whether or not a product was tested on animals.

What are your main concerns when picking out products?  Do you look for organic certifications? Do you look for the bunny?  Do you go by price? Let me know...I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Cheers xoxo~~Tam

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