Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stronger than yesterday

I had a second meeting with a trainer on Monday.  It's taken a while to coordinate schedules so it's been like a month since we've worked together.  I lasted a whopping 25ish out of shape!  She had me do a 10 minute warm up on a treadmill (incline 3.5 and speed between 3.5-4) then we did two full circuits of arms with a 25lb weight, "prisoner" squats, a little cardio thing she calls "mountain climbers", lunges and planks in 30 second spurts.  I called it quits after that, because the first time we worked out I couldn't walk without wincing for two days after and didn't want to overdo it again.  Oi vey.  I was sweating and could feel it in my muscles (my poor wimpy little muscles!).

I asked her to give me some other variations of workouts that I could do on my own, seeing as we don't always get our schedules together.  She set me up with some arm moves (she recommends free weights over weight machines toning).  She wants me to keep doing lunges and squats for my legs (ugh! but I get it).  Her breakdown for my workouts was this 10 minute warm up followed by arms, legs, abs, cardio in either reps of 10 or 30 seconds each. Three full circuits.

I love this girl.  She is so sweet, and she really listens to my questions and concerns.  She also works out right along side me only stopping to correct my form.  I know I'm only two sessions in, but I really feel like she will help me get some results I can see (and I know I can already feel them).

So, that's the beginning of me working to become a healthier individual...I'd love to hear thoughts you have on healthy living.  Tips, sites you visit, your workout plans, meal plans, or blogs you follow in this area...please, let me know!

Cheers to you and have a happy day!

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