Tuesday, June 18, 2013

don't be gel-ous

Went to Laughlin a couple of weeks ago...as a treat before we left my boss gave me a gift certificate to get my nails done.  I went with the gel manicure, knowing that the last time I tried it, it was awful to remove.  My boss swears by the ladies at her nail spa though, so I thought I'd give it another shot.  

The girl was sweet, and did that little leopard print above with the steadiest hand I've ever seen.  Seriously, this girl could be a surgeon...like if she studied really hard and all.  I loved my fingers for the first week and a half.  No chips, everything was lovely.  Then one nail began to peel just a bit.  I fought the urge to pick at it, instead telling myself to go to the salon for them to remove all of it.  The urge became too much though...and I began to peel the color off one nail.  It was an eyesore, and I said to myself Saturday morning you will go to the nail salon and have the rest of the gel removed...but then my friend called and I went to the beach instead on Saturday.  Somewhere between Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon I peeled off all the gel.  I know I shouldn't have.

My nails are a mess now.  I filed them and buffed them.  I cuticle oiled them.  I applied a clear coat of nail strengthener...time will tell.  As nice at it was to have no chips for over a week, I'm going to stick with the regular polish from now on.  

What's your preference for your nails?

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