Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Paddy's fun and little ol' skincare and nail haul

First things first, Happy St. Patrick's Day to you!  I do hope you got to wear some green, drink a beer (if that's your thing) and listen to some Flogging Molly.  I did all of the above and went to the mall today too. :)

While at the mall I took my friend to one of my favorite shops.  It's called Maneki Neko, and they've got all kinds of beauty products.  Masks, lashes, nail polish, and a pretty extensive NYX collection.  They are definitely aimed at a more Asian clientele (I can't read what's on 90% of the packaging).  I go mostly by the pictures, and have never been disappointed.  

Here's what I picked up today:

Nail Polish (because apparently you can never have enough?)
China Glaze in "Who's wearing what" and OPI in "I think in pink"

A pair of tweezers (remember you tweeze your hairs, and you pluck a esti teacher used to say that).  These were made in Japan by Koji Moni, I picked them up because they were very affordable and are narrower than my Tweezerman ones.  I'm hoping that will help get the teeny tiny hairs that are so darned hard to get to.

A pineapple lip balm by Shiseido...simply because Shiseido is generally out of my price range and I thought it would be a little treat to have.  My choices were either pear, berries, or pineapple *based soley on the package.

Lastly I picked up some masks.  I love ready made masks.  I put them on right before bed about once a week and just let them set til I'm about to roll over on my side.  I love waking up and feeling how soft my skin is.  The ones I chose today were: White C by Naisture, a Hyaluronic Acid and Apple Polyphenol by I'm not sure who because that is the only English on the packaging.  They're fun to try out and I've never had any problems with them and my skin. 


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    1. I agree, we got a lot done...and did fulfilled our Irish for a day responsibilities.


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