Saturday, March 23, 2013

extreme couponing, not so much

I love getting my ULTA catalog in the mail...I'm sorry for the trees that are lost on it, but there is just something about flipping though it and know that my nearest ULTA is less than 2 miles away...then there is that handy dandy coupon that beckons "Come to our store, save $3.50" and hey, $3.50 is like lunch (at Taco Bell). 

Then there is the Extreme Couponing show on TLC and these people scour every possible source of coupons and go and get a life time supply of paper towels and a year supply of sports drinks FREE!  They fascinate me... mainly because:

I can't remember to bring a single coupon to the store and save $3.50!

Oi.  I get so excited when it comes and right now, when they're doing their 21 Days of Beauty with extra specials...I keep avoiding there store because I know I have a coupon sitting at home on my counter.  I'm sure I'll remember it...the day after it expires cause that is just how I do things.  

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