Sunday, March 24, 2013

fake up 'til you wake up (updated 3/25/13)

There are a couple of mornings a week that I have to wake up earlier than I'd like...and no matter how much sleep I've gotten the night before all I can see in the mirror are the dark circles under my eyes.  I stare bleary eyed at them, willing them to go away.  Then I go through this routine: Apply foundation...still there.  Apply concealer...still there. Wonder if perhaps I have the wrong shade of concealer, too late now must go to work, worry about it later. I've done this for a couple of weeks now, and today I chose to do something about it!

I wandered around trying swatches on my inner wrist,  but was unsuccessful as most were super light or dark...I wanted to check out Benefit's new "fake up" concealers and I was in luck because the girl at Benefit said "Can I help you?"  Yes, please.  So basically this concealer comes in one of the lipstick like tubes with concealer in the inner circle and a hydrating outer circle of Vitamin E and Apple Seed Extract...(in the list of ingredients the E is about the 11th down and the Apple is maybe 5 below that).  Anyways, it's supposed to control creases and diffuse fine lines (here's hoping).  I tried it on in the medium shade and liked it.  **Tried it this morning, over my Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation in Sand...quick and east coverage! It's a win.**

I also remembered my ULTA coupon (yay me) and since Benefit is excluded from the savings, I picked up a new gloss (Rimmel's Endless Summer) and Maybelline's Baby Lips (in Quench) just to try them out.  I'm really liking the Maybelline so far, it's got SPF 20 and a nice feel to it.

Endless Summer and Fake Up in Medium, next shot with the Fake Up blended

Tough to see I know, I apologize for the poor lighting...but hey, I'm trying to get more pics in!

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