Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bangs and Brows...or, your "brow-to" guide

I let my friend give me bangs, that friend in cosmetology school...I'm trusting. Something I've become aware of after the fact though is that you really have to stay on top of your eyebrows.  It's strange because when I have no bangs I can let things get scragly...but when the attention is right there EEP!

So, yeah, I'm not an amazing photog...it's the main reason I don't work for TMZ.
It all looked great in the bathroom mirror though!

I don't go to the salon for eyebrow waxing too much (last time I was red and bumpy for days) and while I like how quick threading is, the place I like to go isn't super convenient.

These are the tools I use to keep my brows ship shape:
I pick up the disposable mascara wands from Sally Beauty Supply.  I highly suggest the mini scissors from Cinema Secrets, kind of pricey but worth it when you use them regularly.  For thinner brows or when you have a little space to fill in, I prefer powder over pencil. 

Brow to

Brow to by tamorama featuring brow tools

How do you keep your brows tame?  What tools or products do you like?


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