Saturday, March 30, 2013

tan fan

Judge me as you will...I like being tan.  I know to wear sunscreen, and not over do it in the sun.  I know that tanning beds are evil.  That being said though, I like how my skin looks when it has a tan.  So today I went to the tanning salon and got a spray tan.  (I'll be wearing some nude-beigey shoes tomorrow and I didn't want to be paler than the shoes).

As far as bronzers go, they all have a scent (although as far as scents go I do like the Hemp bronzer).  I worry about turning orange (or worse, being unevenly orange) with my at home pursuits of being tanned.

I went to one of those Mystic Tanning booths years ago...right before going to Hawaii.  Not thinking, I walked along the beach and up to my knees into the beautiful and warm (even at night) waters.  I walked back in to the lobby of my hotel and GASP! I was white from the knees down! Eek!! I scurried to the elevator and into my room and proceeded to try and scrub the rest of my tan off.  I didn't dare go through that again.

I opted to Yelp spray tans in my city, then called a shop in my area called Beach Bumz which got really good reviews.  The girl on the phone was super sweet and was able to fit me in within an hour.  She did a custom airbrush tan, which means I stood (topless...eep!) in front of her (she said that lots of people go nude, but for me I don't mind a bit of a tan line on me bum) then she sprayed a super fine mist over me.  The scent was super light and the spray itself was a natural formula. I've got to say she made me so comfortable, I didn't even worry about sucking in my tummy.   I've still got a few hours before I can shower, and am still a bit tacky...but overall I am super happy with the results.  (Knowing I have an event tomorrow afternoon, she even made sure to tell me to come back tomorrow morning if I need any areas touched up...I appreciate her looking out).  **mini update: I'm a little blotchy on my hands, but it'll be ok).

If this works out well, I may have found my tanning fix.

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