Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Coachella style guide

Thinking back to past years, it's really a fashion show of sorts as much as a music festival.  As much as I enjoy the people watching a lot of my thought process comes down to "how long did that take to put together this morning?", "how on earth is that person going to use the port-a-potty?" and "my goodness, how are they not melting?".   The pic to the right, has me asking all these questions at once...
As usual, dressing for comfort and climate is pretty key (for a lot of us, but not everybody...clearly).  Breathable fabrics, layerable items,  and a bag for your necessities are all biggies for me.

Here are some of the looks I found out there on the almighty internet, and my thoughts:

Floppy hat and sunglasses yes.  Tank, sure. Mini and boots? I wouldn't recommend it, there's a lot of sitting on the ground and those boots may not be the most comfy for getting from stage to stage.  She's cute enough but I just don't feel like this would be comfy for a day of wandering in the sun.

I feel like both of these work.  Long dresses make for easy places to sit.  Both ladies have their layers for when there's a nip in the air. They both have bags for things like phones, ID, cash and hand sanitizer!

Too much work...but she's a celeb, and I have a feeling that port-a-potties aren't an issue back in VIP.

Kate Bosworth though, she gets it.  

And then there's always the "REALLY?" group....
"Style is like herpes, you either have it or you don't." 
Joan Rivers

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