Monday, February 18, 2013

mini drug store haul

Whilst perusing the aisles at the drugstore I found a few little things that I apparently couldn't live without:

Garnier, Soothing Remover Cleansing Towlettes...cause sometimes I'm just really tired and washing my face just seems like too much work, so I keep them by my bedside..I figure it's better than nothing.  I picked up the ones for sensitive skin, I haven't tried Garnier's but I figured what the heck?

Pack of two powder puffs: I watched/read a tutorial about using powder puffs for putting on translucent powders instead of a brush.  Thought I'd give it a try.  To view The Beauty Department's tutorial click here.

Revlon Photoready BB Cream in 020 Light Medium:  Just because I haven't tried a new BB in a while and liked that this is called Photoready,  I know that sometimes the sunscreen in creams can kind of change how you look when flash is involved.

Revlon Foundation Brush, it was small and looked soft.  I don't always use a brush, but the one I do use sometimes really needed a replacement.

I didn't pick up any nail polish on this trip, which has become an increasingly bad habit of mine, mainly because I tend to pick up various shades of hot pink...all of which look similar when sitting next to each other.

Where do you like to shop for goodies?  Drug stores, department stores, Sephora, Ulta...all of the above??  Speaking of Ulta...I have a March ad to skim through, have a lovely day!!

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