Saturday, February 9, 2013

coachella from the beer garden

I can hardly believe it's time to start prepping for Coachella...but the blogs are getting busy so I will to.  I read about "the 7 people who will be at Coachella this year" from Hello Giggles and suppose the writer hit on some main types, none of them were quite me.  I like to think of myself as more of a laid back beer garden viewer...not because I'm a big drinker, but because I like the view, the shade and the access to food and drink and that it's not crazy crowded...usually.

Last year we watched Snoop and the Tupac hologram from way way back in the beer garden.  No one was crowding us, we danced and cheered.  We had a good view of the stage and the big screens.  I have a feeling that's probably the best way to enjoy the Red Hot Chili Peppers this year.  Other beer garden viewings have included Mumford and Sons and Coheed and's a good way to be if you don't need to be in the front of the stage (which I don't, that was what high school was for...and I don't miss pushing past a mosh pit either).

Coachella's lineup

A few of the acts I'd be happy to see for the first time are:
Social Distortion...even though I heard that they are jerks backstage
Aesop Rock
Modest Mouse
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Stone Roses...everyone seems to know them, apparently I'm missing out, I'll be adding them to my Pandora so that I get a little education
Tegan and Sara
Blur and New Order...even if I only know a few songs between the both of them

I've seen em before, but could check out again:
Dropkick Murphys
Franz Ferdinand
Vampire Weekend
Beach House
Violent Femmes...saw them at a county fair, I still only know a few songs but whatevs

Band's whose names entertain me (who I will also be adding to Pandora)
Unicorn Kid
Tokoyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
Vintage Trouble
Thee Oh Sees

Anyone else headed to Coachella?
Who would you be excited to see?

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