Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Who do you wear makeup for?

The other day the Yahoo homepage had an article up regarding make up looks men love...curiosity got the best of me and I read the super lame yahoo article (and you can too if you like), but I will sum it up.

1. They like "au naturel" ...isn't that what most guys say?  I personally like the a natural look, but to me that means a little BB cream and some translucent powder to set it...and maybe a little mascara.  I feel like it evens out my skin tone and gives me the SPF that my skin needs.  I rarely go out without anything.

2. A "smoky eye", how vague is that? There are so many variations on the smoky eye look to even be sure what any one person means by that.

3. "Light eyes/light lips" one guy said he liked "light sparkly eye shadow" well, ok for this one I do get that Metallic shadows are on the way in.

4. "Rocker-Chic Eyes" In my opinion that would be one of the smoky eye variation I was speaking of before.

5. "Minimal Makeup" or what I would call a natural look.

6. "A bit of blush" another version of a natural look.

7. "Bold lip color" speaks for itself, okay.

8. "Subtle Glow" natural look and bronzer.

I don't know what guys they interviewed.  I don't know what the article hoped to accomplish.  I just know that when I put my makeup on in the morning I do it for me,  I want to like how I look when I walk out of the house.  If someone happens to compliment me so much the better but I'm not putting on my makeup to please these guys.

Do you care what others think of your makeup look?  What's your daily look? 

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