Thursday, January 17, 2013

Etsy, for your bath and body needs (and wants)

I love Etsy.  I could get lost in the "shops", it's just so much fun to browse.  I pick up a lot of gifts and jewelry on there...occasionally some baking supplies.  This will be my first foray into the bath and beauty department though.  I was inspired by other bloggers out there who took a chance on some of the shops featuring nail polish and make up.  Currently though, I feel pretty well stocked up in those areas of my life.  What I needed was some new shaving cream, and some body scrub.  On a whim, I picked out a lip smoothie (it was Creme Brulee scented).

I ordered from layla, or Flowering Tree Botanicals which is a mother daughter duo that does not test on animals (always a yay).

Yum! it all smelled so amazing when I got the box, I wanted to use everything at once!

This is what I ordered:

Kyoto - Whipped Body Soap and Shaving Cream - 8 ounce for $5.50 (there was a sale) This makes me want to shave my many shave creams can you say that about?  A little goes a long way and works into a foamy lather, which is nice.  I had been using Lush's Prince shaving product, but it's kind of oily and kind of gums up the razor in a couple of passes.  This one rinses clean too... if I had one complaint, because it's like soap it leaves me a little dry afterward...but that could also be something with this wintery weather too.  

Creme Brulee Lip Smoothie for $3.00 goes on super soft and creamy.  

Coconut Hibiscus Luxury Bath Crystals for $5.00 Sprinkled a little in the bottom in the shower, and my feet feel soft. 

Bird of Paradise soap....sample size. Wash your hands then walk around sniffing your hands, which could be weird out in public, but around the house it's cool. 

Overall, it was a great experience and I will definitely be checking out Etsy again (duh, it's Etsy). :)

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