Thursday, January 24, 2013

Burn!...but not the funny 70s show kind.

The other day as I was curling in my newly pink hair I did the unthinkable...I burned myself, right on my neck!  I haven't done this forever (last time it happened I got myself in the forehead).  Here is what I've learned in the healing process based off of what I read on the internet (keep in mind this worked for me, but is by no means medical advice):

  1. Cool it immediately (I used an eye mask that I had in the freezer wrapped in a dry wash cloth) for about 20 minutes or so, whatever you may have time for.
  2. I used Vitamin E oil and some Neosporin on the burned area.
  3. Before bed and in the morning I took a Vitamin E supplement.
  4. Throughout the day I carried a little Vitamin E and reapplied it as my burn felt dry (I read that it was important to keep the area moist).
  5. At night I use a mix of Vitamin E oil and Honey (I used what we had in the kitchen, but some suggestions were for more "fancy" honey) on gauze/band aids over the area.
This has all worked together to heal me up pretty fast.  It's still pretty pink, but all in all it seems to be working.

Hopefully I won't need to read my own advice regarding curling iron burns...but who knows?  

What beauty blunders have wreaked havoc on your life?

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