Sunday, January 20, 2013

aging happily...a evening out

Last night I met up with a friend for dinner and drinks.  We went for sushi, and were pleasantly surprised to grab a table and watched a line form shortly after we sat down.  After we headed to the Dresden to catch Marty and Elayne who come on at 9.  We got there just before and got a great table and ordered (blood and sand martinis, cause we're cool like that).  We joked about getting to the lounge so early, and figured it was still a little early for the 20-somethings to be out yet.  The place did fill in shortly after their set got started.  We enjoyed our two drinks and opted to take off and be generous with the good fortune of our table.

Our evening finished up before midnight, and I've got to say I am so good with that.  Gone are the days (nights) where we stay at the bar all night, no more "last calls".   I love going out for dinner and drinks, just having a nice evening with friends but I no longer feel the need to stay out.  Sometimes the whole "aging" thing isn't quite as bad as we're lead to believe...however, I will still keep up the fight against wrinkles.

Cheers, to good friends and good times with them.

Are you a party animal, home body, or somewhere in between? What is a good night for you?

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