Friday, September 20, 2013

too lazy to laser at home!

Laser hair removal works, and can be expensive.  True story.  So I picked up the Remington IPL for at home laser removal.  Did I expect professional results? No, I can be realistic.  The thing is, when you have your handy dandy at home laser machine sitting daily in your bathroom you forget to use it...a lot.  The directions say to use it every two weeks, which I don't.  I tried to up my use to weekly thinking that it would be easier to stay on track (I know it's not what was directed, but hoped the results would be worth it).

So basically, I can not give an accurate review.  Hopefully, in the coming weeks I can get on track with it.  If I can start the habit, and see amazing results...I'll let you know.

Pros (so far):

  • Easy to use
  • I find it to be painless (as compared to professional laser hair removal)
Cons (so far):
  • The cord is kind of awkward (maybe more of a leftie prob), it just doesn't move the way my arm does
  • Sporadic use will not yield results (darn it...not the machine's fault though)
How do you keep smooth?  Have you tried any of the machines that are on the market (No No, Tria)?


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