Saturday, September 21, 2013

a little Chanel could be good for you

Day to day I keep my makeup pretty simple especially now that I'm not working in cosmetics. My office is small, laid back and pretty casual too, so I generally just wear some BB cream to even my skin tone, a little bronzer maybe, and mascara.  On days I want a little more for my eyes, or on evenings out I like to use Chanel's waterproof eyeliner.  I know that it's not recommended to use eyeliner in your water line, but if you do...I suggest Chanel.  It's pricey, yes...but it works. It goes on smoothly and stays where it's put.  Other liners fade from the waterline area, but that has not been my experience with this product.

I linked it to Chanel's site, but it's available at Nordstrom's and Macy's too. 

Cheers to you!~~tami

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