Friday, August 30, 2013

a visit to beauty school

I went to visit my friend in cosmetology school today and asked if I could look like this:
Realizing that I will never be Audrina Patridge...but thinking that my hair is similar in color and length that I may aspire to have hair like hers. 

For the bargain price of $5.00; I received a shampoo (and some magic conditioner to help my ends) a haircut and a blow dry. 

I remember when I was learning esthetics how hard it was working on each other day after day.  One can only receive so many facials, and get their eye brows waxed so many times in a week!  I had one friend who visited me regularly, and a couple that stopped by...but it's hard to get people in when you're still learning.  I can imagine it's even harder for cosmo students who are learning to cut hair.  It's worth it though to give your local cosmetology school a try, if nothing else for a shampoo and blow dry.  An inexpensive day of beauty and you're helping someone to learn their craft? Seems like a win win.

Have you ever visited a local school for a beauty treatment?  How was your experience?

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