Thursday, April 12, 2012

pretty in Palm Springs

Coachella Weekend One!

My good friend has an email that she sends out per request to friends attending their first Coachella.  She's been going for years and years and she is a total pro.  I just read a blog entry regarding Coachella (see: broke girls guide: coachella survival kit ) and have decided to create my own. 

  • hat or parasol (provide yourself with shade, because the nice shady areas get crowded)
  • sunscreen (kind of a given but whatev), I'm going to be putting on a Clarins progressive tanning sunscreen with spf 20 in the am and reapplying with a Hawaiian Tropic spf 30 later in the day.
  • no blankets are allowed, but I'm bringing an old sarong to sit on (sometimes the grass is itchy), they recommend a small beach towel, but I think the sarong takes up less space.
  • Wet Ones antibacterial hand wipes (for after the porta potty situation, before meals, and any other time that my hands may need it).
  • speaking of porta potties, it doesn't hurt to bring a little tp with you (just in case)
  • if you can get a locker, it's a good thing. You can stash your day stuff (hats, parasols) for the next day and leave jackets and such there for the day til they're needed. It's also a great spot to meet up at the end of the night.
Dress for comfort...that's my plan, but def not a rule. I look forward to seeing all the different Coachella fashions but I myself and my friends we dress pretty comfy. I tend toward shorts and skirts (but as my friend has pointed out if your skirt or dress is really long it may just trap in heat).  I pack a sweater or jacket for later in the day.  For shoes I just go with my flips. Make up wise, again while I look forward to see some people go all out, I'm sticking with my Smashbox BB Cream (because of the high SPF), and a little powder (I use Bare Escentuals in Golden Medium for a quick dusting over any areas that'll get shiny).

I'm so excited for my weekend to begin!

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