Monday, April 9, 2012

pretty beachy and cheers for volunteers

I love the beach and oh so many things beachy...(note: the above pic is not me loving the beach...sadly, it's not me at all...oh well) :)

What I'm currently loving to help me achieve a beachy summertime look (never too early to start eh?):

Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer (by Creative Lab) 
 I bought this based on some popular reviews.  Mainly I purchased it because the reviews assured me that it doesn't smell like self-tanner. Hallelujah! It's also moisturizing and doesn't stain your hands. At first I was not applying it everyday, but I would say that the last four days I have and am starting to see a very gradual tan developing (and it looks natural not orange).  This has me looking forward to summer everytime I put it on.  I just wish I could find a bronzer sunscreen combo. 
**I noticed there was a search on whether or not this stained clothes, I've been using it for a few weeks now and have not noticed that it has left any staining.  I do wait for it to be pretty dry though, which doesn't take too long.**



  Park Ave Princess Mineral Powder Bronzer (by Tarte)
Started with a sample of this a while ago. Now I'm on my second regular size purchase of it.  It gives my skin the right hint of "yes the beach was great today" and just a little shimmer.  I'm pretty fair skinned and wear this almost daily throughout the year.  I mainly just apply it to the apples of my cheeks (and tend to skip blushers because I feel my cheeks have enough pink in them) and if I ever feel that I may have gone a little overboard with it, a quick dusting of loose powder or translucent powder seems to do the trick nicely for toning it down.

Summer time is beach time and I can hardly wait...and this is the summer that I will get involved in Surfrider's beach clean ups. Beach cleanup is something I do while at the beach (I pickup after myself and my surrounding area), but every so often I remind myself that I need to get more involved in beach cleanups.  It's awful what gets left behind at the beach and how much of it.  Thanks to my weekly Surfrider newsletter for providing some info (see below) and cheers to the 598,076 volunteers who got out there and worked together on Coastal Cleanup Day.

Interesting facts on the clean up: Ocean Conservancy
Also check out:

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