Sunday, April 22, 2012

my pretty wishlist

I've put myself on a bit of a beauty (and other non-essential item) spending hold. It's not going to be easy, what with working in the cosmetics department and loving beauty products and knowing that there is an extra employee discount coming up. I'm staying strong though! There will always be things I want and want to try, and so I've created this little wishlist, also I'm new to Polyvore and still getting the hang of it.

my pretty wishlist

Urban Decay makeup
$50 -   (Yes, I've got the original, but these colors are so pretty too!)

Benefit Cosmetics eye makeup
$19 -  (I've got one, in RSVP and like it and want to try more)

Bulgari fragrance
$64 -  (I have the original Omnia Cristalline, but I like this new one more)

Too Faced Cosmetics gift sets kit
$46 -  (Love a great value kit! Especially with cute bags)

John Masters Organics haircare
€30 -  (Read about it in a blog, helps make hair healthy, I'm in!)

NARS Wicked Attraction Set
$49 -  (Always wanted to try NARS, and a value kit is a great way to start)

What items are on your wishlist?

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