Thursday, April 5, 2012

pretty good deal

Clinique is currently in their bonus time (or GWP) and their gift this time around is a pretty good deal.

It comes with two bags (a larger cosmetic bag and a smaller coin purse type bag) and:
  • A 1oz Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, which is nice to use right after you wash and/or tone your face.
  • A mini High Impact Mascara in black, which is one of my favorites
  • A two-sided lipstick and gloss (the pink set is Raspberry Glace/and Fireberry, the nude set is Think Bronze/Sunset)
  • A mini palette with a blush and three shadows
  • A 1oz Moisture Surge sample, which is (in my opinion) the best part of the deal.  A 1.7oz retails for $36 by itself.  It is a great product that can be used on all skin types when your skin is feeling dehydrated.  Use it by itself as a lotion or at night before bed as a mask.  During the winter, this product really helped my skin out. 

The gift comes with any $23.50 Clinique purchase, which as far as bonuses go is pretty affordable.  For my purchase I picked up a new BB Cream in Shade 2 (this is now the only BB cream that I've bought twice, I really like this one so much).

 I also got a Naturally Gentle Eye Makeup Remover; after receiving a sample of this from the counter one day I knew it was something I needed. I wear contacts and this makeup remover is gentle enough that I can put some on let it set and breakdown my eye makeup and remove it without any eye irritation.  It has a creamy consistency rather than a liquidy-oily type that is the norm as far as most makeup removers go.

 Side note/mini rant: I enjoy getting the Clinique gift, but it is because I also like their products.  Working in the Cosmetics section it astounds me how many people want a "free gift" even when they say they don't like the products that a line has to offer.  It's only a deal if you actually intend on using the items you get.

If you do enjoy Clinique products, or want to try them out bonus time is a great time to stop by and it only comes a couple times a year.  

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