Sunday, October 18, 2015

ULTA Spa Day

We get our ULTA catalogs every month.  Every month they have their specials for their salon and spa.  This month I decided to give it a go.

The one I went to didn't have a treatment room, just a small sectioned off space on the main floor.  No worries for me though if I can relax in a class full of people I can relax just about anywhere.  My skin therapist was super nice, we chatted for a bit about schools and such.  She had a very nice touch, gentle and relaxing.  

As far as Dermalogica goes, she used some items from their Ultra Calming line and some from their Age Smart line.  My skin is a little sensitive (it gets red very easily) and I tend to be more dry.  She gave me my face chart to show me her analysis of my skin which is awesome because it tells you exactly which product were used. My favorite product of this skin care session was the Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Firm for my eye area (and a little on the lip area). 

If you haven't checked out your local ULTA for their spa services it's worth looking into.  I think that finding a good skin therapist is a lot like finding the right hair stylist and manicurist.  You've got to try out a few (or a lot) to find the right one for you.  Overall, it was a really good experience.  

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