Saturday, October 3, 2015

Carry all...all that I carry in my bag

what's in my bag
I love flipping through a magazine and seeing a "what's in my bag" article.  I don't know why other peoples bags fascinate me so much but they do.  Hopefully this interests you too, otherwise you are not going to enjoy this post. 

  1. My bag itself is generally from a TJ Maxx or Ross...I go for the pleather/man made faux leather. 
  2. My wallet is a little Betsey Johnson that I picked up at a Nordstrom Rack forever ago...also a big fan of Target wallets.
  3. Lush Lip Service Lip Balm, I have about five of these floating around my life at any given time.  I use it throughout the day to keep my lips soft and I also use it for my cuticles occasionally. 
  4. Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm.  I love this pink with a little orange shimmer. I'm not one for a bold lip color (as much as I love it on others) this one is just pink enough.
  5. Hello Kitty Band Aids, you would not believe how handy it is to have a couple of band aids on hand.  Not just for myself, but to hand out in a very minor part being when a guy needs a band aid and I offer up Hello Kitty.  
  6. Eminence Tea Tree & Mint Hand Cleanser...this has a fresh minty scent and feels moisturizing as well.  Sometimes menus just seem a little iffy.
  7. Nail file...I try to keep one handy (heehee handy) just in case of a snag.
  8. Tweezers, because sometimes you have a couple of minutes in the invisible bubble of your car and that rear view mirror catches every stray brow.
  9. NYX Blotting Paper: another small just in case item.
  10. Pill box, I try to carry a couple of migraine meds...because there is nothing worse than a migraine. Nothing.
  11. A fan, I picked up a pretty one for a couple of dollars a while back and it has more than paid for itself.  Baseball games, Monster Truck shows, waiting rooms...just bring a little breeze you can bring with you. 

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