Monday, October 5, 2015

Being Wary of Awareness

Is it me or does it seem that October is like Everything Awareness month? I'm not complaining, being aware of causes and conditions is overall a good thing.  It just feels like all I'm hearing lately is that it's National ______ Awareness Month!  

The big one is Breast Cancer Awareness and the sea of pink we will find ourselves in throughout the month of October.  Again, awareness is a good thing and finding a cure would be amazing.  My only word of caution would be to be aware of where your charitable donations are going. (For instance, you wouldn't want to purchase a $50.00 pink ribbon product only to find out that $0.50 goes toward finding a cure right?)

(ps: this pic of Mitch is also my laptop's background)
Animal wise it's also Adopt A Shelter Dog Month and National Pit Bull Awareness Month.  Shelter pets are a cause near and dear to me...just ask my dog Mitch.  A great thing about shelters is that you can donate items that are needed directly to the shelter (blankets, toys, treats and much more).  I love that Best Friends LA has an Amazon Wishlist where you can send them items they really need directly.  As far as Pit Bulls go, I have to admit that the majority of my education has come from Animal Planet's Pit Bulls and Parolees show...they too have an Amazon Wishlist or options to sponsor a dog (Click here for a direct link to their site).

Awareness good...just do your research.  Here are a couple of links that breakdown info on different charities:

In case you were wondering October is also (but not limited to) being: Eczema Awareness Month, National Bullying Prevention Month, National CyberSecurity Awareness Month, National Fire Prevention Month, Eye Injury Prevention Month, National Physical Therapy Month, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and National Down Syndrome Awareness Month.  There are many more causes out there, this was just a small sample.  

What causes are near and dear to you?  Please share in the comments and help spread the word! 

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